Best restaurants in Mauritania

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    La Tissayade

    Easily the restaurant with the best atmosphere in the city, La Tissayade is located in the shady front courtyard of Maison d'Hôtes Jeloua. Daily specials like vegetable quiche and a menu of beef, chicken, shrimp and lobster (order 24 hours in advance).

  • Restaurants in Nouakchott

    Café Tunisie

    This cafe is fine for coffee and smoking a water pipe, plus good-value breakfasts – freshly squeezed orange juice, bread, jam, pastries, yoghurt, coffee and a bottle of mineral water. Mains, like merguez (spiced sausage) or chicken brochette, come with fries, rice, bread and a salad. Street-front office furniture and couches under tattered awnings make it a good people-watching spot.

  • Restaurants in Nouakchott

    Le Frisco

    Choose from a long and varied list of mains on the whiteboard, from excellent steaks and burgers to ordinary spaghetti bolognese. The San Francisco theme of this Lebanese-owned place doesn't extend much beyond the name and some tenuously connected Western-themed decor. Posters of Malcolm X, Steve McQueen and Che Guevara point to more revolutionary sensibilities.

  • Restaurants in Nouakchott

    Le Prince

    Expanded and slightly upgraded from its previous hole-in-the-wall status, Le Prince, which can still claim to be Nouakchott's oldest restaurant, is a solid choice for big portions of fast food. Tuck into a cheese omelet sandwich, a plate of well-prepared shwarma (a kebablike dish), salads and ice cream – all great value.

  • Restaurants in The Adrar

    Restaurant du Coin

    This place is as down-at-heel as it gets, serving up great quantities of rice, fish and Senegalese mafé. It's always busy, and the food piping hot and delicious. From the rond-point head down the Chinguetti road for a block, then turn left. This place is on the right-hand corner, marked by a tiny sign.

  • Restaurants in Nouakchott

    La Palmeraie Cafe & Bakery

    Widely considered the best breakfast spot in the city. Enjoy a sit-down meal of crêpes or a set continental breakfast in a contemporary-style dining room, or pick up a croissant and other freshly baked pastries and deserts (gelato as well) to go in bakery at the front. Other times of day pizzas and sandwiches available.

  • Restaurants in Nouakchott


    Known for its well-prepared seafood which you can hand-pick from a tank (lobster runs around UM6000) in a sunny, slightly tattered dining room. Live music Friday nights adds a lovely, if rare for Nouakchott, soundtrack to your meal.

  • Restaurants in Nouakchott

    Atac el Khair

    Located northeast of the centre, not exactly convenient for the short term traveller, Atac is the largest, most comprehensive grocery store in Nouakchott.

  • Restaurants in The Adrar

    Restaurant Agadir

    Near the rond-point, this cheap and cheerful eatery rustles up some good couscous and tajines as well as sandwiches and lighter bites.

  • Restaurants in Nouakchott

    Le Manara

    Known around town, at least within the expat community, as one of the best places for steak in Nouakchott. Also serves some Asian dishes.

  • Restaurants in Nouakchott

    Savana Cafe

    Groups gather in the pleasant back patio courtyard for a meal and hookah. Savana has a fairly large menu, with above-average pizzas.