Best hotels and hostels in Mauritania

  • Top ChoiceLodging in Nouâdhibou

    Villa Maguela

    Easily the nicest place around Nouâdhibou, nay, the nicest place on the entire Mauritanian coast. This simple mud-walled compound is set directly on a magnificent piece of rocky coastline around 8km north of the city. The room design and furnishings are comfortable, if basic, but the wind and lapping waves lulling you to sleep is magnificent.

  • Top ChoiceLodging in Chinguetti

    Auberge La Gueïla

    A fabulous French-run place, with six charming rooms, excellent food (to be taken in the courtyard garden), a library and even a massage room for real unwinding. Architecturally designed as a modern take on traditional Adrar architecture.

  • Lodging in Rte de l'Espoir

    Complexe Touristique de Tenadi

    A peaceful and quiet spot with close to twenty air-conditioned bungalows a few kilometres inland from the main road between Nouakchott and Kiffa. The restaurant serves up massive portions which can be had al fresco under the stars.

  • Top ChoiceLodging in Atâr

    Auberge Bab Sahara

    Bab Sahara has been a little slice of overlanders' heaven since 1999. There's a selection of tikits (stone huts) with air-con, caravans and tents, plus a campsite in another compound and a mechanic's workshop. Meals are available on request. The Dutch-German couple who run it are great sources of local information and travel advice.

  • Lodging in Nouakchott

    Al Khaima City Center

    A downtown high-rise of solid value, the Al Khaima has small rooms that are surprisingly stylish, with boutique design elements and comfortable bedding. It's surprising because of the utilitarian lower lobby and lower floors, which include a bank, travel agency, electronics store and other offices. The 10th-floor cafe has unbeatable views of the city from the outdoor terrace.

  • Lodging in Nouakchott

    Hôtel Monotel Dar el Barka

    A large, low-slung complex with tight security near the French embassy, Dar el Barka is one of the more popular business-class hotels in the city. Sundays are especially crowded with expats enjoying the leafy central patio and pool area, and the all-you-can-eat buffet. Conferences, meetings and weddings are common, however room furnishings are a little old-fashioned.

  • Lodging in Nouakchott

    Semiramis Hotel

    For such a thoroughly contemporary and stylish hotel, its location, tucked away on a dusty, if central, corner street seems odd. Lacking a pool or outdoor grounds, the compact Semiramis is a good bet if looking for a very comfortable crash pad – indeed, pilots of international airlines overnight here. A small restaurant and cafe are on the premises.

  • Lodging in Nouâdhibou

    Bungalow Dauphins

    Located on an otherwise lonely stretch of road north of the city, this collection of well-designed solar-powered bungalows overlooks the Baie de l'Etoile. Be sure to make a reservation in advance since it's geared towards groups of kitesurfers coming from its sister resort in Dakhla in the Western Sahara and not necessarily independent travellers.

  • Top ChoiceLodging in Nouakchott

    Maison d'Hôtes Jeloua

    This is a lovely and deservedly popular maison d'hôtes (B&B), with a leafy garden, highly recommended restaurant and a homey and friendly vibe. The somewhat challenging-to-find location is the only downside. The neighbourhood streets, for lack of a better term, are wide sandy lots or narrow alleys.

  • Lodging in Chinguetti

    L'Eden de Chinguetti

    This tastefully designed auberge is a great place to stay. It's neat, well tended and embellished with well-chosen knick-knacks, magically illuminated with lamps at night and a shady garden. The English-speaking owner is a mine of information. It's on the road to Atâr, near the petrol station.

  • Lodging in Nouakchott

    Azalaï Hôtel Marhaba

    The newest luxury business-class hotel to open in downtown Nouakchott, the Azlaï is part of a chain of hotels throughout West Africa. More than US$8 million was invested in upgrading what was once a Mercure hotel into a sparkling oasis with a top-flight restaurant and boutique-style rooms.

  • Lodging in Atâr

    Auberge du Bonheur

    Those wanting a reliable base could do worse than this welcoming outfit, a five-minute stroll from the centre. It's nicely turned out, with simple but decent rooms, a large tent in the courtyard and everything kept scrubbed pretty clean.

  • Lodging in Nouakchott

    Hôtel Tfeila

    Despite its imposing facade and security, service at the Tfeila is friendly. Value here is iffy considering the fairly dated room furnishings, however its location, restaurant lunch buffet and the fact that it has a pool are pluses.

  • Lodging in Ouadâne

    Auberge Agoueidir – Chez Isselmou

    Auberge Agoueidir – Chez Isselmou is the grandest outfit in town, something of a backhanded compliment. Room size and quality varies so worth checking out several before unpacking. Bug spray is liberally applied to room bedding.

  • Lodging in Ouadâne

    Auberge Vasque – Chez Zaida

    Mellow Auberge Vasque – Chez Zaida is run by Zaida, a congenial lady who goes out of her way to make your stay a happy one. There are five tikits, a couple of nomads' tents and tasty food if you only stop in for a meal.

  • Lodging in Nouakchott

    Les Sultanes

    With a powdery sand beach uninterrupted as far as the eye can see, this small compound with a shady restaurant (mains UM3000) and handful of semi-permanent tent sites is as close to a beach resort as you'll get in Mauritania.

  • Lodging in Chinguetti

    Auberge des Caravanes

    With its eye-catching, traditional architecture, it's hard to miss this place right in the centre of town. Rooms are pretty simple, and it can feel a bit impersonal, but it's adequate for the price.

  • Lodging in Nouakchott

    Auberge Diaguili

    Owners Nadia and Pascal have created a friendly and warm environment, especially good for long-term stays. Rooms are simply furnished; there's a shared kitchen and tastefully designed lounge area.

  • Lodging in Chinguetti

    Auberge Andaloss

    Simple, bright green guesthouse with lots of rooms and plenty of lounging space (the more expensive have air-con). Meals on request, and are even prepared for free if you buy your own ingredients.

  • Lodging in Nouakchott

    Hôtel Halima

    Other than its architecturally interesting exterior and tough-to-beat location, the Halima is a slightly dowdy option compared to newer more upmarket competition.