Must-see restaurants in Mali

  • Bar Restaurant Amanar


    Our favourite restaurant in Timbuktu, Amanar has a mellow atmosphere with a soundtrack of Malian blues (think Ali Farke Touré and Tinariwen), chilled and…

  • San Toro


    The décor here is charmingly African and the specialties are quality Malian dishes (the poulet au coco is especially good), which can take a while to…

  • Le Compagnard


    Top marks for this place. High-quality French cooking, French wines and a switched-on ambience ensure plenty of regular customers among the expat…

  • Bellàh Rôtisserie


    Around the Grand Marché you can get coffee and bread in the mornings, and street food in the evenings (check out the excellent local sausages)…

  • Café Restaurant la Casa


    In Bamako Coura, this is a fine, relaxed backpacker hang-out opposite the Mission Catholique; their spaghetti, couscous and ragout dishes contain the…

  • Restaurant le Fleuve


    Restaurant le Fleuve offers simple Malian dishes which are best ordered in advance.

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