Best hotels and hostels in Mali

  • Lodging in Bamako

    Hôtel Tamana

    This charming hotel out by the Hippodrome is easily our favourite in Bamako. The rooms have character, the staff are among Bamako's friendliest and most laid-back, the bathrooms are immaculate and the ambience of the leafy courtyard is a wonderful place to retreat after a long Bamako day.

  • Lodging in Djenné

    Le Campement

    This sprawling, centrally located place is Djenné's tourism central with dozens of rooms across a wide price range, a large and pleasant open-air restaurant and clean and tidy rooms that have the bare essentials.

  • Lodging in Mopti

    Hôtel Ya Pas de Probleme

    Mopti has been crying out for a mid-range hotel like this. A delightful French- and Dogon-run place, Ya Pas de Probleme has beautifully decorated rooms, an intimate and homely atmosphere and represents top value across a range of budgets.

  • Lodging in Bamako

    Le Loft

    We like this place. The building may not appear to be Bamako's most promising from the outside but inside is another, completely renovated and altogether charming world. Rooms are light, airy and spacious with an attention to style that's lacking in many Bamako hotels.

  • Lodging in Sévaré

    Hôtel Ambedjele

    Styled like a Dogon village just off the road between Mopti and Sévaré, this charming Spanish-run place has expansive gardens, a rock pool for swimming and stunning bungalows that are shaped like a Dogon granary.

  • Lodging in Timbuktu

    Sahara Passion

    Although not as good as its Gao equivalent, Sahara Passion, close to the Flamme de la Paix monument on Timbuktu's northern outskirts, has rooms with high ceilings and those with private bathrooms are enormous.

  • Lodging in Bamako

    L'Auberge Lafia

    As far as Bamako cheapies go, the simple, bare and generally clean rooms here are pretty good value, although they can get very hot if the fan isn't working (power cuts aren't common but they do happen). The sleeping quarters are also back a little from what is already a quiet street.

  • Lodging in Ségou

    Hôtel Le Djoliba

    This is our choice for the best hotel in town, combining a great location just back from the riverbank, large and pleasant rooms, and great service. There's also something to suit all budgets and the dorms are as close as you'll come to luxury if you're a dorm aficionado.

  • Lodging in Bamako

    Sarama Hôtel

    Tucked away in the quiet streets of Niaréla, the Sarama is an excellent choice that's all the more attractive because it sees far fewer tourists than it deserves. Rooms are spacious, quiet and attractively furnished and the super-friendly management is a plus.

  • Lodging in Gao

    Camping Euro

    Since we were in Gao, we've learned of this new and super-clean campement -style place, where English is spoken. It's winning good reviews from travellers.