Vohimana Forest

Nature Reserve in East of Antananarivo

Established as a private reserve in 2001, this crucial 1.6-sq-km corridor links the Andasibe area parks with the forests of the south. It's administered by the NGO Man and the Environment, which is developing it as an ecotourism site in conjunction with their conservation work. At present facilities include around 20km of walking trails, from two hours to three days in length, taking in lemurs, birds and the pointy-nosed columma gallus chameleon (not found elsewhere), plus three picnic areas and a botanical garden.

Local guides have been trained in some interesting specialist circuits highlighting such subjects as medicinal plants. They also have a distillery for making essential oils for which they have some famous customers, including the perfume house Chanel. Contact MATE for all details on accommodation tariffs and facilities; volunteer placements are also available.