Must-see restaurants in Kenya

  • Rongai

    Diani Beach

    This rowdy joint is a popular place for nyama choma (barbecued meat) – if you’ve been missing your roast meat and boiled maize, Rongai’s here for you.

  • Seasons Hotel

    Masai Mara

    The Seasons Hotel has a good restaurant serving a lunch buffet (popular with passing tour buses) as well as spicy beef, chicken stew and a few vegetarian…

  • Ribs Butchery

    Southern Rift Valley

    Brightly painted Ribs Butchery does all the usual nyama choma (barbecued meat) options and is the pick of numerous such places along the main road.

  • Smiles Café

    Southern Rift Valley

    As basic as they come, this little green-and-white treasure offers cholesterol-filled fried breakfasts and hearty stews with a focus on dishes locals love.

  • Tuskys Supermarket

    Masai Mara

    A large, well-stocked supermarket in Oltalet Mall on the way through town. Good for supplies or for takeaway meals from the deli and bakery.

  • Tuskys

    Western Kenya

    Kakamega's best supermarket has plenty of supplies as well as ready-made foods (including yummy samosas) in the deli and bakery.

  • Jamaa Supermarket

    Southern Rift Valley

    If you're stocking up on supplies, Jamaa Supermarket on Kenyatta Ave is probably the best stocked in the centre of Naivasha.

  • Fayaz Bakery


    Mombasa’s ‘Master Baker’ cooks up excellent cakes and muffins here, and in several other locations around town.

  • Nakumatt Supermarket


    The best grocery store in town. Go here to stock up on essentials if you are camping or self-catering.

  • Pop Inn Hotel

    Northern Kenya

    This zebra-striped building has decent Kenyan staples and is popular with locals.

  • Uchumi


    Once the main supermarket chain in town, Uchumi still has a good range of items.

  • Kako


    Chicken, chips and chapattis from this shiny hole-in-the-wall joint.

  • Nakumatt

    Southern Rift Valley

    The best-stocked supermarket in Nakuru.

  • Safari Diner

    Laikipia Plateau

    Located next to Morani's Restaurant, this small diner has a patio where you can grab a quick bite to eat before heading to the Endangered Species…

  • Cold Drink Hotel

    Northern Kenya

    Not just cold drinks but also, according to locals, the finest eating experience in all of Turkana country, which sadly might actually be true. It's a bit…

  • 101 Supermarket

    Northern Kenya

    Northbound self-caterers should head here for provisions, as there's very little available elsewhere. The supermarket doesn't have lots of fresh food…

  • Nakumatt Supermarket


    Close to the Likoni ferry jetty, this place has a good selection of provisions, drinks and hardware items.

  • Tusky's


    The Kenyan supermarket chain has a large-ish Kilifi store that sells plenty of self-catering supplies.

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