Best hotels and hostels in Northern Kenya

  • Lodging in Marich to Turkana's Western Shore

    Eliye Springs Resort

    For many years all that stood on the shores of Eliye Springs was the shell of an abandoned lodge, but it's been brought back to life by a German with a passion for Turkana. The resort has a mixture of self-contained rooms and traditional Turkana huts made of sticks. Camping is also available, as are meals. The resort offers a variety of activities, such as big-game fishing, boat trips to Central Island or Sibiloi National Park, and aerial flights over Turkana country.

  • Lodging in Isiolo to Moyale

    Lake Paradise Special Campsite

    This picturesque site, with nothing but a dried-up lake bed and firewood, is the only place to camp in the park. Due to roaming buffaloes and elephants, a ranger must be present when you camp here.

  • Lodging in Isiolo to Moyale

    Marsabit Lodge

    If you don't mind the rather faded rooms, this basic lodge has a deliciously peaceful setting overlooking the lake known as Gof Sokorte Dika. Expect friendly service and a chef who, no doubt in pleasure at actually having something to do, puts together great meals. Electricity is by generator in the evening only. Located close to the main gate, you can use the lodge as a base if you also want to explore Marsabit. It's the ideal place for sundowners, as you can watch the buffaloes that frequent the lake.

  • Lodging in Isiolo to Moyale

    Al-Yusra Hotel

    Big news, folks! Kenyan Moyale finally has a decent place to stay! OK, let’s not go overboard. It’s hardly fantastic, but it does have running water that’s sometimes even hot and no strange creatures sharing your bed. You can’t miss it. It’s by far the town's tallest building, which also houses a clinic.

  • Lodging in Marich to Turkana's Western Shore

    Central Island Campsite

    This is the only accommodation option on the island. Located close to the dock, it is the ideal setting-off point for treks around the island. Unlike at South Island National Park, there are trees to which you can tie your tent.

  • Lodging in Isiolo to Moyale

    Sessi Guesthouse

    This place, a short way out of the centre, is clean (well, clean for Moyale) and fairly quiet. It does double as a timber yard, with several stray dogs lurking outside, but for this price, what did you expect?

  • Lodging in Maralal to Turkana's Eastern Shore

    Morning Star Guest House

    The bougainvillea-dressed Morning Star Guest House provides for a night’s kip – though it doesn’t supply the peg you’ll need to place over your nose before entering the communal toilets.