Must see shopping in Harajuku & Aoyama

  • H
    Top Choice
    House @Mikiri Hassin

    Hidden deep in the side alleys of Harajuku, House stocks an ever-changing selection of experimental Japanese fashion brands. Contrary to what the coolness…

  • Pass the Baton

    There are all sorts of treasures to be found at this consignment shop, from 1970s designer duds to delicate teacups, personal castaways to dead stock from…

  • KiddyLand

    This multistorey toy emporium is packed to the rafters with character goods, including all your Studio Ghibli, Sanrio and Disney faves. It’s not just for…

  • RagTag

    This consignment shop is stocked with labels loved by Harajuku kids, such as Comme des Garçons and Vivienne Westwood.

  • A
    A&S Aoyama

    This is the flagship boutique from celebrity stylist Sonya Park, whose signature look is a vintage-inspired minimalism in luxurious, natural fabrics. It…

  • M

    Furoshiki are squares of cloth that can be folded and knotted to form shopping bags and wrap gifts – anything really. This shop sells pretty ones in both…

  • C
    Comme des Garçons

    Designer Kawakubo Rei threw a wrench in the fashion machine in the early ’80s with her dark, asymmetrical designs. That her work doesn’t appear as…

  • S

    Kyoto brand Sou-Sou is best known for making jikatabi – the rubber-soled, split-toed shoes worn by construction workers in Japan – in fun, playful prints…

  • G
    Gallery Kawano

    Gallery Kawano's selection of vintage kimonos are in good shape and priced reasonably (from ¥10,000). If you're serious about buying, the staff will help…

  • 6
    6% Doki Doki

    Tucked away on an Ura-Hara backstreet, this bubblegum-pink store sells acid-bright accessories that are part raver, part schoolgirl and, according to the…

  • R
    Raw Tokyo

    Once a month Tokyo's hipster flea market comes to the Farmer's Market @UNU, bringing with it a DJ booth, live painting, young designers hoping for a break…

  • L

    Laforet has been a beacon of Harajuku fashion for decades, where young brands cut their teeth and established ones hold court. Check out the avant-garde…

  • Oriental Bazaar

    This long-running souvenir shop sells a variety of goods, from inexpensive pottery and yukata (cotton kimono) to antique screens and chests. Note that not…

  • O
    On Sundays

    The bookstore attached to the Watari-Um, carries a highly covetable selection of stationery items and accessories – sometimes in collaboration with the…

  • C
    Chicago Thrift Store

    Chicago is crammed with all sorts of vintage clothing, but best of all is the extensive collection of used kimonos and yukata, priced from ¥2000, in the…

  • C

    Small boutique stocking underground Japanese streetwear labels and vintage remake.

  • D

    Daiso is a chain of 100 shops and the handy outlet on Takeshita-dōri carries lots of useful sundries (like towels and slippers) and snacks.

  • C

    Tucked away on a Harajuku backstreet, with a much larger selection of condoms than you'll find in the drugstore – plus cheeky gifts.