Best restaurants in Shikoku

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Shimanto City


    The three kanji characters that make up this classy restaurant's name say it all – mountain, river, sea. Out at the spectacular Iyashi-no-sato eco-hotel, Sanzenkai uses locally sourced seasonal ingredients to tempt the palates of both hotel guests and visitors. If you're not staying here, get the tourist office to call ahead and make a booking. There's also an onsen.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Matsuyama

    Kappō Yano

    Yano-san and his family have been serving traditional meals at their popular seafood place a block back from APA Hotel for more than 30 years. Choose from his chef's omakase courses from ¥3000, or go for a teishoku set meal such as sashimi teishoku or yakizakana teishoku (grilled fish) for ¥1500. Top seafood at reasonable prices.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Nishi Iya

    Iya Bijin

    For a taste of local Iya soba, head to Iya Bijin, in an attractive black-and-white building with lanterns hanging out the front, overlooking the gorge. Try a simple plate of zaru soba (cold noodles with dipping sauce), or a lunch set including regional dishes such as dekomawashi (grilled skewers of taro, tofu and konnyaku – devil's tongue), boar and wild vegetables.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Tokushima

    Otona-no-Izakaya Kagoya-Tarō Kamuan

    There aren't many nonsmoking izakaya out there! This place, up the white stairs almost at the end of the arcade, offers a smoke-free environment, healthy menu options and nomi-kurabe (compare the taste) sets of local sake. The name ' otona-no-izakaya ' means a 'pub for mature thinkers' – it's not a place for a raucous night out, but a relaxed spot for good food and drink.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Tokushima

    Tokushima Station Bar Alley

    Definitely the hottest eating and drinking spot in Tokushima is downstairs in the Clement Plaza building, under the station. New in 2018 is Bar Alley, with nine impressive places offering set meals for lunch, then transforming into bar-type restaurants in the evening. There's everything from Ikinari Steak, Otokomae Kara-age chicken to an outlet of Awa Beer. Extremely popular with locals.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Kōchi

    Hirome Ichiba

    Dozens of mini-restaurants and bars specialising in everything from gomoku rāmen (seafood noodles) to tako-yaki (octopus balls) surround communal tables; this is the hub of Kōchi's cheap-eats scene. On weekends, it positively heaves with young people drinking hard and happy. It's a full block of mayhem at the end of the main arcade, just before the castle.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Matsuyama

    Café Bleu

    This lovely little music cafe serves tasty, simple sustenance with a picture menu and daily specials. The decor includes photos of Andy Warhol and Mick Jagger spying on you in the bathroom, vintage typewriters and shelves of art books. Beer (including Guinness on draught) and generous cocktails are also available. Spot the signboard out front; it's on the 4th floor.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Takamatsu


    This fabulous washofu (local eating house) in the heart of the entertainment district offers a well-priced and hearty dining experience. A number of delicious, pre-prepared vegetarian and fish dishes sit on the counter, served with salad and miso soup. It might be a tad hard to find, but it's right on Tokiwa Shinmachi shopping street and worth the effort.

  • Restaurants in Matsuyama


    This is a new concept taking into consideration that Ehime Prefecture is well known for its tai (snapper). Agetai offers up tasty dishes such as deep-fried snapper fish and chips (from ¥500), and deep-fried snapper burgers (from ¥650), plus local drinks like Dōgo Beer in a casual spot on the road leading up to the castle ropeway. Relaxed and fun.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Kōchi

    Tosa Binchōtanyaki Onomi

    You'll need to be a tad adventurous to eat here as there's no English menu, but it's a top spot for regional meat cuisine, especially wild venison shot by the owner. Other charcoal-grilled meats include Kōchi beef, pork, chicken and – in season – inoshishi (wild boar). Quench your thirst with Kōchi sake, shōchu or tasty cold beer.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Shishikui


    A superb little spot a tad east of Shishikui, Bahati is run by keen surfer Tsuji-san. Serving everything from pasta to katsu-kareē (pork cutlet, curry and rice), Bahati has surfboards on the rafters, surf photos on the walls, indoor and outdoor seating, plus a cool and relaxed vibe. If Bahati is late opening, it's because Tsuji is out surfing.

  • Restaurants in Tokushima

    Izakaya Ikiiki

    This slick little izakaya is well worth the adventure of having to battle Japanese-only menus. Just past the northeast corner of the park, Ikiiki has friendly, helpful staff, fresh seafood, and best of all, tasting trays of Tokushima-made sake – nomi-kurabe trays with three varieties for ¥900 each.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Takamatsu

    Kawanishi Broiler

    A top spot for beer, yakitori and just about anything featuring chicken. Relax inside at the counter or tables and enjoy the mayhem as locals come and go, or sit out at one of the three tables in the arcade and watch the world pass by. All drinks are ¥280, the beer is cold and the food is extremely tasty.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Marugame


    Honetsuki-dori (spicy grilled chicken on the bone) is a Marugame speciality – try it at Ikkaku, a very popular local restaurant that has expanded its operations, taking Marugame's delicious dish as far as Osaka and Yokohama. Head out of the North Exit at the station, turn right and walk for 200m.

  • Restaurants in Matsuyama


    With a traditional shopfront along the Dōgo arcade, this former teahouse now serves as a bakery-cafe offering burgers, sandwiches and soul-satisfying coffee and tea drinks. Its shotgun-style layout leads through beautifully preserved dark-wood rooms to a Japanese garden and a tatami room out back.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Kotohira

    New Green

    A cute neighbourhood spot where the local women cackle over coffee, New Green is also one of the few restaurants in town open for dinner. If the salads, kaki-furai (breaded, fried oysters) and omu-raisu (omelette filled with fried rice) leave you wanting, there's cake as well.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Ikumi

    Aunt Dinah

    Get ready for a friendly welcome, country music and a great range of curries, pastas and pizzas at this rustic spot on the main road near the impossible-to-miss white Tōyō Shirahama Resort Hotel at Shirahama. Aunt Dinah's has a useful English menu.

  • Restaurants in Shishikui

    Cafe Hikōsen

    This small roadside cafe is a locals' favourite, particularly for the impressive Japanese/Western breakfast that will keep everyone satisfied. Expect a warm, friendly welcome, an English menu (and possibly an English speaker), and some gorgeous pottery pieces.

  • Restaurants in Kōchi

    Kinako Cafe

    This tiny, lovingly run place serves tasty set meals at lunchtime, then morphs into a jazz and wine bar serving top-quality otsumami (snacks) in the evenings. A great little place to relax after time on your feet in the Obiyamachi shopping arcade.

  • Restaurants in Matsuyama

    Tengu-no-Kakurega (Tengu Retreat)

    A chic izakaya (inn) serving yakitori (skewers) and other dishes in a pleasant setting; try the omakase (chef's choice) set of grilled, skewered carnivore's delights (¥1260). Paper screens give onto a little garden at the back. Look for the tengu (long-nosed goblin) hung above the doorway, on the right-hand side of the second block heading east from the Ōkaidō arcade.