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Although contemporary Gifu shows little evidence of those historic times (due to a colossal earthquake in 1891 and the decimation of WWII), redevelopment has created a vibrant and accessible downtown core. Noteworthy attractions include the lovely Gifu park and one of the three Great Buddhas of Japan. Add some pretty mountains, a wide river and excellent transport links, and a stopover here becomes a viable alternative to big city Nagoya.

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$78.82 Day Trips & Excursions

Day Trip to Shirakawago and Hida Takayama from Nagoya

Once you are picked up by the coach bus at your designated meeting point, you will head to Gifu prefecture. It will take around 2,5 hours to reach the first location, the famous Hida Takayama.  After arriving, you will head to the main street of Hida Takayama. There, you will be given about 90 minutes of free time to enjoy these unique streets, also known as "Little Kyoto" by the locals. Later, the tour conductor will take you to the restaurant where you will enjoy your lunch for about 50 minutes. Depending on the season, the lunch menu will be different: For departures from October 21 to the end of June, lunch will be Hida-Beef Sukiyaki set meal. From July to October 20, lunch will be "Shabu-shabu" set meal with Keichan chiken marinated in miso and soy sauce, grilled with cabbage, onions and other vegetables. After enjoying your delicious lunch, you will be picked up by the coach bus again to head to the most famous travel spot in the area, the World Heritage site of "Shirakawago." This area is mostly famous for farmhouses representative of the traditional Japanese architectural history. The construction method for the farmhouses is called “Gassho-zukuri”, which refers to the shape of the roof that looks like a person's hands held together in prayer. You can take your time to walk around for about 100 minutes. Enjoy seasonal flowers and greenery in spring and summer, beautiful autumn leaves from mid October to late November and splendid snow scenery from early December. After your full day of sightseeing, you will return back to Nagoya. Expected arrival time is 19:30. ※This tour is also available as a private charter plan. For further details please click the link below.  https://www.viator.com/tours/Nagoya/8-hour-Private-Chartered-Taxi-Plan-to-Shirakawago-and-Hida-Takayama-from-Nagoya/d4701-17229P78

$240.16 Cultural & Theme Tours

Shirakawa-go, Hida-Takayama & Kamikochi in 2 Days from Tokyo

After departing from Shinjuku (6:20am or 7:50am), you will head to Gifu Prefecture by bus via expressway. The first destination is Iwamura Castle Town, a quaint town located right on the mountain's slope.  The castle town was an important cross point of politics, economy and its culture in Edo era and it has been registered as “Important Preservation Districts for Groups of Historic Buildings". The town remains the old houses and shops but still keeps its lively. You will have around 1 hour to explore the town. A boxed lunch option is available for this tour for an additional fee. You can choose among ① Lunch A : Nozawana pickles & cutlet sandwich (JPY680 tax inc.) or ② Lunch B Kobuchizawa Marumasa's chicken rice (JPY980 tax inc.) If you would like to order it, please select the "Lunch" option at the time of booking. Then, you will head to Gujo Hachiman, another popular yet authentic small town in Gifu Prefecture. Gujo Hachiman's waterways are the pride of its citizens, having been kept as functional as they were in the 1600s, with water so clean that it's still used to wash food and laundry. You will have around 90 minutes to stroll around these picturesque streets and soak in the atmosphere of 16th century Japan.  After exploring the town, you will head to Washigatake Kogen Hotel Rainbow to have dinner and stay overnight. On the second day of the tour, after having breakfast at the hotel, you will head to Shirakawa-go, another popular sightseeing spot of Gifu prefecture which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995. Shirakawa-go is famous for its traditional gassho-zukuri farmhouses; “gassho-zukuri” means “constructed like hand in prayers”, because the roof of the houses resembles a Buddhist monk's hands pressed together in prayer. After around 1 hour, you will have a lunch box of Hida beef roll sushi and then head to Hida Takayama, a quaint town also known as “Little Kyoto”. The streets of the town's historic district are lined with wooden houses dating back to the Edo Period, and you can relax by taking your time to walk around for approximately 1 hour. The last destination of the tour is Kamikochi, a popular mountain resort located in Nagano's Azusa River Valley and surrounded by high mountains. You will have around 80 minutes to explore this stunning destination and its spectacular scenic views. This beautiful area is only open for visitors from April till November. The best way to discover it is to go hiking on the trails along Azusa River and see the clear water flow between the mountains and trees, creating one of the most beautiful valleys in Japan. You will also be able to see and cross Kappa Bridge, the symbol of Kamikochi, located at the heart of the resort. Then, you will head back to Tokyo around 19.30.

$286.52 Multi-day & Extended Tours

2-Day Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, Shirakawago and Hida-Takayama Bus Tour

After meeting with your tour conductor, travel by bus for approximately 4 hours with breaks on the way, heading to Gifu prefecture. First, you will stop at Nyukawa for about 30 minutes to rest and go shopping before heading to Hida Takayama, the first main destination. You will have chance to explore the quaint streets of this small town, which is also known as "Little Kyoto" for about 60 minutes. ※If you want to save time for more sightseeing, optional lunch meal boxes for the first day, which will be served on the bus, are available for purchase only in advance (at least 1 week before the departure date). It can be 1) Lunch box with specialties of Shinshu (now Nagano Prefecture) for JPY 1,050 or 2) "Miso Dengaku" lunch box including konnyaku (yam cake with miso spread) JPY 850. Both contains grilled fish, simmered vegetables and steamed rice. Please pay the lunch box fee to a tour conductor in cash on the tour day. Tax is included.  The next destination is Shirakawago, a place that is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Shirakawago is famous for the farmhouses that represent Japanese traditional architecture. The structure of the houses is called “Gassho-zukuri”, which refers to the shape of the roof that looks like a person's hands put together for praying. You will spend about 60 minutes there walking around and taking pictures before heading to your accommodation in Toyama prefecture. Your accommodation will be at APA Hotel Toyama. After arriving, enjoy your dinner individually in one of the local restaurants near Toyama Station, as the dinner is not included in the tour fee.  On the next day, after your breakfast at the hotel, you will visit Nagano prefecture, where you can enjoy snow even during the spring in Japan. Firstly, you will proceed to Tateyama to start the journey by cable car, which will take about 7-minutes. Once you arrive at Bijodaira, you will ride on another highland-exclusive bus for around 60 minutes to head to Murodo, where the Snow Wall Otani is located. You will be able to see the snow wall from late April to middle June (until 22th June in 2018). After that, you will ride on the trolley bus to pass though the Tateyama tunnel and head to Daikambo Ropeway station. Then you will take a ride on the rope-way for approximately 7 minutes to Kurobedaira, where you can get a fantastic view of the natural wonders. After a short rest, you will take a cable car for 5 minutes to Lake Kurobe, famous for its emerald green water. Thereafter, you will head to Kurobe Dam on foot to take a look at a giant hydropower plant, which is very popular for its extraordinary view of surrounding Kurobe Gorge. Then, you will ride on a trolley bus to head to Ogizawa. From there, you will be picked up by the coach bus to visit to Azumino for a 25-minute shopping break before heading back to Shinjuku. The approximate arrival time is between 19:30 and 20:00.

$111.27 Cultural & Theme Tours

Kimono Local Tour in a small castle town, Gifu

Let’s see what there is in Gifu and how interesting the Japanese small towns are with a friendly local guide!  Not to mention, you’d love to walk there with a colorful kimono as well! You’d take a bunch of vivid pictures of yourself with your significant others. Dressing up, walking, and learning….then the rest of fun part is…eating! Let’s jump into a very local restaurant and enjoy Japanese homecooked meal. That’s a great opportunity to communicate with local people and also to ask any questions to your guide when you’re eating! In the end of the tour, you’ll be a big fun of Gifu for sure!                          Itinerary 10:00-Meet up at the store,Nagaragawa Depart → Get dressed (15 mins per person) 11:00-Let’s get started! → 11:10-Photo shoot time → Walk through a hidden path 11:35-Meet a Hidden Gifu Buddha 12:10-Lunch time at a super local restaurant!  13:15-Stop by a mysterious variety goods shop in chaos 13:45-Go up to the Mt.Kinka and see Gifu castle on the top → Overview of Gifu city from the top of Mt.Kinka 14:40-Visit the artisans house“CASA" 15:00-Time to change and say bye…!

$154.85 Day Trips & Excursions

Ski Resort Day Trip with Transport from Nagoya

Enjoy skiing, or snowboarding on the slopes of Japan this winter! Enjoy the snow on your own or get your basic level skiing/snowboard skills by taking a class. Choose from the two nearby snow resorts: Takasu Resort:Get up onto the 13123ft (4000m) slope and pick your activities and rentals on the spot. If you need any assistance with talking to staff, you will have someone to help you on the phone. On the way down the slopes, choose from 12 different routes, based on length and difficulty. The resort 's slopes are suitable for any skill level from beginner to advanced, with some slopes suitable even for children. The park also offers classes in English and Japanese for very beginners and children. When you have burned all your energy or simply need a break, you can head to the resort restaurant and choose from many delicious filling meals, such as hamburger steak, deep fried giant shrimp, a variety of cakes, or a Baskin Robbins Ice Cream. The restaurants are open until 4pm.Dynaland Resort:Dynaland Resort features 21 different courses to choose from and is recommended for beginners and children, although the slopes are of varying difficulty. Once you arrive on the spot, you can rent skiing or snowboarding gear and either go straight ahead and have fun on your own, or choose to take a class for beginners first. The resort offers classes in English and Japanese. Once you have tired, you can stop by the cafeteria to refill your energy levels. Both resorts are located in the Gifu prefecture, about same distance from Nagoya and require about 1.5-2 hours of travel from Nagoya station.Sample Itinerary:8am - Arrive at Nagoya Station. Get on the bus to the resort of your choice.10:50am - Arrive at the site. Enjoy a full day of winter activities as you would like (skiing, snowboarding, or maybe just spending some time breathing fresh mountain air)5pm - Leave the snow park by bus7:30pm - Arrive back at Nagoya Station