Shopping in Parma

  • Shopping in Parma

    Salumeria Garibaldi

    Tempting new visitors just steps from the train station is this bountiful delicatessen dating to 1829, with dangling sausages, shelves of Lambrusco wines, slabs of Parma ham and wheel upon wheel of parmigiano reggiano.

  • Shopping in Parma

    La Prosciutteria

    An arsenal of strung-up Parma ham hangs above the counter at Silvano Romani's temple of swine, one of Parma's absolute best for cured meats: prosciutto, culatello, salami and strolghino, among others. Also offers parmigiano reggiano, local wine and pasta dishes.

  • Shopping in Parma


    The owners of the former Salumeria Grisenti have gone green: this small but fantastic market now specialises in organic Tuscan-Ligurian-Emilian products direct from farmers whose faces now grace the walls. Pick up sustainably produced black pig prosciutto, fresh milk cheeses, delectable olive oils and sauces and other farm-to-table delights.