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All the temples in the Prambanan area were built between the 8th and 10th centuries AD, when Java was ruled by the Buddhist Sailendras in the south and the Hindu Sanjayas of Old Mataram in the north.

The two dynasties were united by the marriage of Hindu Rakai Pikatan and the Buddhist Sailendra princess, Pramodhavardhani. This may explain why a number of temples, including those of the Prambanan temple complex and the smaller Plaosan group, reveal both Shivaite and Buddhist elements in architecture and sculpture. But Prambanan is a Hindu site first and foremost, and the wealth of sculptural detail on the great Shiva temple here is the nation's most outstanding example of Hindu art.

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Private Tour: Borobudur and Prambanan Temple from Yogyakarta

You are brought to the most spectacular and world’s biggest Buddhist monument complex, Borobudur, built around 800 A.D. Looming out of a patchwork of bottle-green paddies and swaying palm tops, this colossal Buddhist relic is one of the continent’s marvels. After the decline of Buddhism and the shift of power to East Java, the monument was abandoned soon after its completion. For centuries the complex lay forgotten, buried under layers of volcanic ash. Climb up to the top, level by level to appease all skill levels, and enjoy a wonderful view on the Menoreh Mountains. Enough time is given to stroll around the complex and to discover its beauty. Afterwards,we continue to visit the nearby located temples such as Pawon Temple and Mendut Temple. Drive to Prambanan village to visit the Prambanan Temple. The Hindu temple of the “slender virgin”, also known as a complex of Lorojongrang, was erected in the 9th century while Java was ruled by the Hindu Sanjayas of Old Mataram in the north. It consists of three major temples and shrines in the main area dedicated to respected Hindu’s God Trinity such as Candi Shiva Mahadeva, Candi Brahma & Candi Vishnu. Enough time is given to walk around and observe the beautiful carvings and the neighborhood shrines such as the Candi Palosan and the Candi Sewu. The Ramayana story is carved into the walls of the temples.

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All of Yogyakarta

In the morning explore Jogjakarta old city by visiting the Sultan palace, Taman Sari castle and then drive to Borobudur, 42 kilometers west of Jogjakarta. With your guide, explore this massive Buddhist Temple- the largest in the world- and discover the incredible history behind its construction. Comprised of thousands of volcanic and river stone blocks, the temple was assembled entirely by human labor and took more than 75 years to complete. These days, the UNESCO Heritage site is still visible in its full glory- with magnificent carvings and an unusual, yet surprisingly beautiful bulk structure. A late lunch at a local restaurant set amid the rice fields. Next head to the ancient Hindu temples at Prambanan, located 17 kilometers from Jogjakarta. Built in the 9th century, this collection of sharp, jagged temples features three main inner shrines dedicated to the Hindu trinity: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. UNESCO named Prambanan a Heritage Site in 1991. Your guide will explain the history and symbolism of the temples as you walk around. Transfer back to Jogjakarta to your hotel.

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Prambanan and Surrounding Temples

In the afternoon, transfer from the city center of Jogjakarta heading to the east, to discover the lesser known temple in the area but definitely worth to visit. Plaosan is a twin Buddhist temple separated by road in the middle of the rice field and plantation. The temple featuring many unique reliefs that has 116 ancillary domes and 50 ancillary temples.  Back the entry point, a traditional horse cart, locally known as Dokar has waiting for you short transfer through traditional Javanese village to Prambanan. Explore the ancient Hindu temples at Prambanan, located 17 kilometers from Jogjakarta. Built in the 9th century, this collection of sharp, jagged temple features three main inner shrines dedicated to the Hindu trinity: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. UNESCO named Prambanan a Heritage Site in 1991. Your guide will explain the history and symbolism of the temples as you walk around. Afterward, drive through a winding and hilly road to reach Ratu Boko, standing proudly on 200m above sea level overlooking the magnificent Prambanan temples, and mystical Mount Merapi as its far background. Ratu Boko Palace is the remnants of the glorious golden age of the ancient Javanese kingdoms. From this mystic temple you will witness a beautiful scenery when the sun is setting in the west.  Back to hotel.

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Private Tour of Prambanan Temple from Yogyakarta

The Prambanan Temple Complex was build in the 9th-century and is located in Central Java around 17 kilometres from Yogyakarta and was dedicated to the Trimurti, the expression of God as the Creator (Brahma), the Preserver (Vishnu) and the Destroyer (Shiva) and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest Hindu temple site in Indonesia and one of the largest in Southeast Asia.In 1811 during Britain’s short-lived occupation of the Dutch East Indies, Colin Mackenzie, a surveyor in the service of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, came upon the temples by chance. Although Sir Thomas subsequently commissioned a full survey of the ruins, they remained neglected for decades. Dutch residents carried off sculptures as garden ornaments and native villagers used the foundation stones for construction material.Around 7:30am, you will be picked Up at your centrally located hotel in Yogyakarta city and drive to Prambanan village. The first step is to enter the Prambanan Temple Complex. You will visit the Trimurti temples dedicated to Shiva, Visnu, and Brahma. Continue to visit the Vahana temples dedicated to the vahana of each gods; Nandi, Garuda, and Hamsa.And then visit the Apit temples located between the Trimurti and Vahana temples. Continue to the Kelir temples which are four small shrines.The last step is to visit the Patok temples: four small shrines located on 4 corners of inner zone and the Pervara temples.Around 11:30am, your guide will send you back to your hotel in Yogyakarta.

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Yogyakarta As You WIsh

Visit Yogyakarta and its surrounding with fully customizable trip. Private car charter with speaking english driver that makes your trip enjoyable, with free in vehicle wifi access to serve your information and communication needs.Cold Towel and mineral water are served to accompany your adventure.Each Car with full used of air conditioned and  can carry up to 4 person guests.Go to all major destination : Borobudur, Prambanan, Jomblang Cave, Pindul cave ,etc. Stop and shop or take photograph on at your desire place on the trip Customizable tripExperiencedl Speaking English DriverUp to 10 Hours Duration with full air conditioned carinclude mineral water,cold towel, in vehicle wifiAll Parking free, Gas, Toll fee are included

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Discover Dieng Plateau Tour from Yogyakarta

We bring you to Wonosobo where you will be able to see dramatic mountain scenery as we travel through Sindoro - Sumbing Valley, passing through tobacco & tea plantations. We will visit the popular crater (kawah) around Dieng Plateau which is the Sikidang Crater (Kawah Sikidang) then move on to Arjuna Temples Complex. Candi-candi (ancient temples) dotted around, the most famous being the Arjuna complex not because of its magnificence, what not with the likes of Borobudur and Prambanan not too far off but for its really old age. Here you can find Candi Arjuna, Candi Setiyaki and Candi Bima. They are one of the oldest temples in Indonesia, dating back to 8th century built by the Sanjaya dynasty. It had stood the test of time for a long, long time. Last but not least, the must visit attraction is to Telaga Warna (colored lake). The name stands as the lake hues of blue and maybe some slight green. Try to walk up the hill beside it to catch a top view of the lake which can be quite beautiful if you caught it during the right light of day.Itinerary:7.00 AM: Pick up at your hotel to go Wonosobo District11.00 AM: Visit Sikidang active crater12.00 PM: Visit Arjuna Temple Complex1.30 PM: Visit stone view of the beautiful charm of Color Lake2.30 PM: Transfer to your hotel in Yogyakarta city5.00 PM: Drop off at your hotel 

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