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Western Honduras

Honduras' heartland of high, cool mountains, wildlife-rich forests and undulating coffee fields isn't on most foreign travelers' itineraries and that's their loss. Those that do come here can expect a genuine welcome and to brush elbows with the colorful Lenca culture, have plenty of chances to warm up in natural hot springs and drink some excellent coffee. The top attraction is easily the impressive Maya ruins of Copán, closely followed by the colonial charm of towns such as Copán Ruinas and Gracias.

Hikers will love the spectacular trails inside the Montaña de Celaque cloud forest, while there's dazzling birdlife and wonderful scenery around idyllic Lago de Yojoa, which has established itself as the only major stop in this region on the Central American backpacker trail.

San Pedro Sula is the economic powerhouse of the nation and a travel hub; though it has little to offer visitors, so few hang around.

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