Must-see attractions in Regensburg & the Danube

  • Diözesan Museum

    Regensburg & the Danube

    At the western end of the Domberg you'll find Germany's largest ecclesiastical museum. The building contains a Fort Knox–worthy collection of bejewelled…

  • Bayerisches Polizeimuseum

    Regensburg & the Danube

    The museum complex at Neues Schloss includes the Bayerisches Polizeimuseum, which lives in the Turm Triva, built at the same time as the complex's Reduit…

  • Römermuseum


    Roman Passau can be viewed from the ground up at this Roman fort museum. Civilian and military artefacts unearthed here and elsewhere in Eastern Bavaria…

  • Kreuztor

    Regensburg & the Danube

    The Gothic Kreuztor (1385) was one of the four main gates into the city until the 19th century and its redbrick fairy-tale outline is now the emblem of…

  • Heimatmuseum

    Regensburg & the Danube

    The Heimatmuseum is in possession of a golden chalice and a skullcap that was used by Pope Benedict XVI in his private chapel in Rome. It is only open to…

  • Bayerisches Armeemuseum

    Regensburg & the Danube

    The exhibits on long-forgotten battles, armaments dating back to the 14th century and legions of tin soldiers packing the rooms are Ingolstadt's most…

  • Historisches Museum


    A medieval monastery provides a suitably atmospheric backdrop for the city's history museum. The collections plot the region's story from cave dweller to…

  • Oskar Schindler Plaque


    Oskar Schindler lived in Regensburg for years, and today one of his houses bears a plaque to his achievements, as commemorated in Steven Spielberg's epic…

  • Stadtresidenz

    Regensburg & the Danube

    Gracing the Altstadt is the Stadtresidenz, a Renaissance palace built by Ludwig X that hosts temporary exhibitions on historical themes. Admission is by…

  • Pfarrkirche St Oswald

    Regensburg & the Danube

    Pope Benedict XVI's baptismal font can be viewed at the Pfarrkirche St Oswald, which is open for viewing except during church services.

  • Kepler-Gedächtnishaus


    Disciples of astronomer and mathematician Johannes Kepler should visit the house he lived in while resident in Regensburg.

  • Herzogsschloss

    Regensburg & the Danube

    The former ducal residence Herzogsschloss is an austere 14th-century building which houses the town's tax office.

  • Karmelitenkirche

    Regensburg & the Danube

    Straubing's Karmelitenkirche is a baroque church belonging to the Carmelite Convent, located next door.