Pointe du Raz

Viewpoint in Pointe du Raz

Few places in France can match Pointe du Raz for its coastal splendour: on every side gorse-cloaked cliffs plummet to the waves 70m below, gulls trace lazy arcs overhead, and a statue gazes out to sea towards the île de Sein and the winking light of the Ar Men lighthouse. On a stormy day, with giant waves hurling themselves at the cliff faces, it feels like the end of the world. On a clear day, the sunsets are quite unbelievable.

The area is a nationally protected reserve and trails criss-cross the land, but be careful on trails that have severe, unprotected drop-offs. A car park, cafes and a high-season visitor centre are behind the point proper; shuttle buses ferry visitors the last 800m, or you can just walk the scenic coast path.