Nakfa (nfa)

Tigrinya, Arabic, numerous tribal languages

The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office advise against all travel within 25km of Eritrea's land borders, (except the towns of Senafe and Tessenei, and the border crossings with Ethiopia at Debay Sima – Burre, Serha – Zalambessa and Kesadika (Adi Kuala) – Rama, plus the main paved roads leading to those crossings). Click here for more information.


Top ChoiceSeafood in Massawa

Sallam Restaurant

It doesn't look like much from the outside and even worse inside, but this place is the culinary gem of Massawa. Here you can relish the Yemeni-style fresh fish sprinkled with hot pepper and baked in a tandoori...

Gelato in Asmara

Da Fortuna Gelato Italiano

Creamy gelato in a variety of flavours, served up in a quiet diner setting south of the city centre. Ask the friendly waitstaff for tips on what's the freshest and you won't be disappointed.

Indian in Asmara

Roof Garden

The only Indian restaurant in Eritrea, this upmarket joint on the 5th floor of the Nice Insurance building is praised for its lip-smacking biriani and tandoori dishes. There's also a selection of Chinese dishes....

Italian in Asmara

Ararat Restaurant

The bistro-esque atmosphere is convivial, the menu full of Italian and grilled-meat favourites, and the lasagne particularly mouth-watering. There's also a small selection of Eritrean dishes available at lunch...

Fast Food in Keren

Sport Snack Bar

A simple restaurant with a simple menu, just ful and omelettes, but filling and tasty and open early enough to stop by on your way to the Monday markets. From the Jirafuri roundabout head one block north, from...

Seafood in Massawa

Seghen Restaurant

In the same colonnaded arcades that house the Hotel Savoiya, the outdoor seating here is popular for breakfast and dinner when the mercury is manageable. There's a range of cuisines on the menu, but you'll do...

Eritrean in Asmara

Dankur Restaurant

Tucked inside a passageway across the street from the cathedral (in the same building as Pensione Pisa), this unassuming restaurant serves up a wide range of Eritrean, Sudanese and Italian fare. Stick with the...

Eritrean in Keren

Fiqri and Selam Restaurant

A bright airy dining room combined with a simple selection of basic Eritrean and fast-food options make this a pleasant place to break up a day of exploration in Keren. It's on the northern side of the Jirafuri...

Italian in Asmara

Sun Pizza & Fast Food

Friendly owner Nancy prepares excellent pasta dishes, scrumptious pizzas, hearty breakfasts, and a range of local cuisine from a large menu – and all this in a warm setting that wouldn't be out of place in Rome.

Fast Food in Asmara

American Bar

This snazzy fast-food joint serves up decent burgers and explosively fruity cocktails. The streetside terrace allows for a dash of people-watching panache with the historic Opera House in the background.

Pizza in Asmara

Napoli Pizzeria

Italian-style pizza in a cosy parlour, with warm staff and cold beer. This is comfort food in a comfortable setting, with no pretensions to being otherwise.

Italian in Asmara

Spaghetti & Pizza House

This sophisticated trattoria-like venue gets top marks for its flawlessly prepared Italian pastas and cosy candle-lit interior.

Cafe in Asmara

Cathedral Snack Bar

An inviting spot almost opposite the Catholic cathedral, serving a small food selection and a range of drinks (nfa8).

Fast Food in Asmara

Mask Place

A good-value stomach filler for those in need of some honestly prepared burgers and snacks.

Supermarket in Massawa

Shismay Supermarket

One of the only remaining operations of the many that once worked as ship's chandlers for the port of Massawa. The hours are erratic and the selection limited, but it's still the biggest shop this side of the...

Cafe in Asmara

Alba Bistro

Uninspiring but inoffensive Italian fare in a small bistro two blocks north of Harnet Ave, across from the entrance to the post office. A better choice for desserts, particularly the tempting ice-cream selection.