Drinking and nightlife in Eritrea

  • Nightlife in Keren

    Africa Pension

    The best place in town to sit for a traditional coffee ceremony (nfa50). There's a cosy covered patio decorated with traditional handicrafts or a large garden out front. On the eastern side of the Jirafuri roundabout.

  • Nightlife in Asmara

    Crispi Bar

    Built in 1935, this old bar feels as much like a friend's living room as a place of business. If you're peckish, there's also a selection of simple foods (from nfa40 to nfa100).

  • Nightlife in Asmara


    Ease into low gear by sinking a cocktail at this genteel lounge bar (drinks range from from nfa20 to nfa100). It stays open until midnight, and is a good place to warm up before hitting the clubs. There's no phone, so if you want to make a reservation for a big group stop by in the afternoon to do so in person.

  • Nightlife in Massawa


    On the Piazza degli Incendi, across from the Sheikh Hanafi Mosque, this little teashop (and the few others that surround it) stays constantly busy with local traffic. Serving tea and a few simple dishes, it's a great place for an early breakfast as the city wakes up to the day.

  • Nightlife in Asmara

    Bar Zilli

    Anchoring a historic Italian-era building from the late 1930s, this earthy hang-out is a good place to revive your spirits with a macchiato or an Asmara gin, if you dare! If you can't be bothered to look elsewhere, there's also a small selection of food (from nfa90).

  • Nightlife in Asmara

    Green Village

    Stop in for coffee and cake favourites and a wide selection of freshly squeezed juices in a bright, cool interior. The macchiato may just be the best in town, and the Italian villa motif makes for a nice respite from the midday heat on the streets.

  • Nightlife in Keren

    Sweet Corner

    Strong coffee and sweet staff make the two pleasant shaded courtyards here a highlight, and the in-house pastries (nfa20) certainly don’t hurt either. Walk up Nakfa St, and you'll see it just before the Costina Hotel.

  • Nightlife in Asmara

    Pasticceria Moderna

    A humming venue on the main drag with traditional styling and a large outdoor seating area. Keep up your strength with a macchiato and a delectable pastry (nfa14), and pull up a chair on the patio for people-watching.

  • Nightlife in Asmara

    Bar Royal

    A delightful cafe with uniformed staff and a retro vibe. If the tempting display of cakes (nfa20) beside the entrance isn’t enough to draw you in, perhaps the strong dark coffee will do the trick.

  • Nightlife in Asmara

    Rozina Cafe

    This classy joint just across from the Cinema Impero has a decent selection of sweet and savoury baked options (nfa14) – and a few harder drink options if coffee won't quite do the trick.

  • Nightlife in Keren

    Atlanta Bar

    It's may be small, but there's a bit of atmosphere and, more importantly, it's one of the only places in town that carries Beer Asmara (nfa35). On the southern side of Jirafuri roundabout.

  • Nightlife in Asmara

    Cafe Fiori

    The macchiato kicks like a mule here, and the decor is decidedly retro. Cafe Fiori also features an appetising selection of croissants (nfa15) and the moistest cakes anywhere in Asmara.

  • Nightlife in Asmara

    KitKat Bar Fast Food & Pastry

    Take a break at this retro cafe hidden behind the cathedral, with fresh-made cakes (nfa13) and tasty coffee on a large intersection that's perfect for people-watching.

  • Nightlife in Asmara

    Green Pub

    This pub-disco is one of the favourite haunts of expats in search of fun and company, particularly on Wednesday for live music and Friday when local DJs spin.

  • Nightlife in Asmara

    Sweet Asmara Caffe

    This sleek pastry shop is a treasure-trove for the sweet tooth, with a tempting array of diet-busting little treats in a central location on Harnet Ave.

  • Nightlife in Asmara

    Damera Cafe

    Beyond a traditionally styled interior serving cafe classics, there's also a nice outdoor seating area on Harnet great for people-watching.

  • Nightlife in Asmara

    Impero Bar & Pastry

    Almost next door to Cinema Impero, this endearing cafe has a more traditional feel. Perfect for a coffee during passeggiata.

  • Nightlife in Asmara

    Dolce Vita

    Stylish modern coffee shop outside the centre, with a fantastic shaded courtyard out back perfect for whiling away a lazy afternoon.

  • Nightlife in Adi Keih

    Mehrep Cafe

    This small cafe selling coffee and tea all day long has a kind of miasmic atmosphere, but the staff are outgoing and the caffeine does the job. Turn uphill just before the main highway leaves town, it's just off the small square at the top of the hill.

  • Nightlife in Asmara


    This hopping nightclub exhilarates dance junkies every weekend with live music, both traditional and Western. Hours are erratic, but you'll hear it before you see it when it's open (usually from around 10pm on Friday and Saturday nights).