Best restaurants in Southern Nile Valley

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    Panorama Restaurant & Bar

    The Panorama is one of the best restaurants in Aswan, even though it is in the Mövenpick's eyesore tower. The food is good, the room elegant and the service friendly and efficient. The real draw, however, is the 360-degree view of Aswan, the river and the desert – spectacular at sunset, glittering at night. The menu is mostly North African – mezze, tagines, kebabs, Red Sea fish – but also includes curries and some Italian dishes.The three-course set menu costs LE350. There's a long cocktail menu and a full wine list, too.

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    Excellent Egyptian restaurant with a stylish interior room and a fabulous Nile terrace, serving fancy succulent kebabs and kofta as well as excellent mezze.

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    1902 Restaurant

    The revamped Old Cataract Hotel has several top-end outlets, none grander than the 1902. Under its Moorish-inspired dome, the chefs – trained here and in France – serve sophisticated, expensive and mostly nouvelle cuisine. There is usually duck and cheese from France, fish from the Red Sea and a serious wine list from around the world, with bottles costing up to $1000. Service is as attentive as the room is grand, and guests are invited to play their part by dressing for the occasion. As a dining experience, there is simply nothing else like this south of Cairo.

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    Nubian Beach

    Nubian cafe-restaurant set in a quiet garden on the west bank of the Nile, against the backdrop of a towering sand dune and near a popular swimming spot. When it's too hot or on colder evenings, you can also chill out in its beautifully painted indoor room. The food is simple but good, and beer is sometimes served. The restaurant is now part of the Nubian Beach Hotel. You can swim from the nearby beach, or go sand boarding on desert dunes.

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    Ad Dukka

    This Nubian restaurant, set on an island just beyond Elephantine Island, burnt down and was rebuilt in early 2017. It continues to serve excellent Nubian food in large and lavishly decorated portions. It can be a wonderfully atmospheric place to spend an evening as the setting, opposite the Old Cataract Hotel and the ruins of Abu, is spectacular. To get here, there’s a free ferry from the dock opposite the EgyptAir office.

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    Nubian House Restaurant

    The Nubian House was renovated during the spring 2017, and is now more colourful than ever. The Nubian dishes served here are good, but best of all is the view at sunset looking over the First Cataract, and the peace and quiet of the place. Henna painting is on offer, and sometimes Nubian music. Rumour has it, however, that a new high-rise next door might block the view of the Nile.

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    Al Makka

    Popular with meat-eating local families, this place is famous for its excellent fresh kebabs and kofta, as well as stuffed pigeon. Mains come loaded with bread, salad, tahini, rice and vegetable stew, making it a real feast. Bring your appetite. Its sister-restaurant Al Madina serves a similar menu.

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    Salah Ad Din

    One of the best of the Nileside restaurants, with several terraces and a freezing air-con dining room. The menu has Egyptian, Nubian and international dishes, a notch better than most restaurants in Aswan. The service is efficient and the beers are cold. There is also a terrace on which to smoke a shisha.

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    Tuya Cafe

    A simple but reliable place serving breakfast for early arrivals, and simple, local cuisine in a lovely garden or boldly painted rooms inside. It’s a good place to stop for a drink or to smoke a shisha. Now part of the Tuya Hotel.

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    Al Madina

    Popular restaurant with locals for its large quantities of succulent kofta and kebabs, and a mean stuffed pigeon if you need extra strength. Sister restaurant of Al Makka. No alcohol.

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    Qaryat Gharb Seheyl

    Nasr Ad Din Abduh Es Sitar runs this beautifully restored Nubian house as a cafe-restaurant and Nubian crafts centre. Henna tattoos are also available.

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    Popular Egyptian restaurant serving all the classics, including delicious stuffed pigeon, spread over various restaurant rooms in a side alley.

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    Koshary As Safwa

    The most popular kushari place (a mix of noodles, rice, black lentils, fried onions and tomato sauce) in the souq.

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    Biti Pizza

    Biti is a popular air-conditioned restaurant that serves good Western-style pizzas. Even more recommended are the delicious sweet and savoury fiteer (flaky Egyptian pizza), including the excellent tuna fiteer or the fruit-and-nut dessert version. Watch out for the more expensive English-language tourist menu with the offer of any topping for LE75. The main menu is cheaper.

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    Chef Khalil

    Small but popular fish restaurant, a short walk from the train station into the souq. It serves fish from Lake Nasser and the Red Sea, chosen from a chilled display, charged by weight, and grilled, baked or fried to your choice and served with salad and rice or French fries. Sometimes it also serves lobster (LE190).

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    A cafe terrace and restaurant to head for at sunset (if you can't get to the Cataract Hotel) for its views over the First Cataract. Sit on the huge shady terrace in a garden for a mint tea, or enjoy the small selection of grills or pizzas. Take a taxi here after dark.

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    A tiny takeaway place hidden among the low-rise apartment blocks, just off the square with the train station. This is where Aswanis go when they want good fuul (fava bean paste) and ta’amiyya (falafel).

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    El Tahrer Pizza

    Just off the souq in front of the train station, El Tahrer Pizza is a popular cafe serving pizza and fiteer (sweet or savoury flaky pizza) at rock-bottom prices. Tea and shisha are also served.