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While Las Terrenas and Las Galeras boast pristine swaths of sand and sophisticated international vibes, Samaná town – officially Santa Barbara de Samaná – is mostly content to trudge along as the peninsula's gritty and noisy workhorse. It would be worth little more than a glance in the rearview mirror for most tourists were it not for the whale-watching on offer here.The first expedition to see North Atlantic... Read More

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$169.99 Day Trips & Excursions

Samana Tour: El Limon Waterfall and Cayo Levantado

After early morning hotel pickup in Punta Cana, take a 1-hour scenic bus ride through coconut trees, sugarcane fields and mountainside villages, before arriving at the bayside town of Miches. From there, board a catamaran and cruise across Samaná Bay.Disembark at Samaná, also known as Santa Bárbara de Samaná, and hop aboard a safari truck that revs you to Ceyba Park. Walk around its tropical garden, home to more than 100 varieties of exotic plants and fruits, including royal palms, mango, cacao, banana, lemon and papaya. Enjoy a light breakfast (sandwich and fruit) before heading to a horseback-riding ranch in El Limón.At the ranch, receive a safety briefing and gear up for an easy 20-minute trek with majestic views, with your guide pointing out the tropical flora along the way. Reach El Limón Waterfall, cascading 165 feet (50 meters) into a beautiful blue swimming hole below. Bid your horse farewell at the ranch and continue to El Malecón, the boardwalk in Samaná, for a photo stop and lunch. At a local restaurant with a wide-ranging menu, dig into scrumptious Caribbean fare while enjoying sweeping views of the bay. (Rum, soda, juice and water are included with your meal.)Hunger pangs satisfied, climb aboard a catamaran and motor over to Cayo Levantado, also known as Bacardi Island. Disembark at the pier and then explore this paradise of white sand beach surrounded by azure waters, perhaps with a refreshing drink in hand (beer, water, sodas and juice provided).Afterward, board a boat for a return trip to Miches, where you’ll be transported back to your hotel in Punta Cana.

$159 Day Trips & Excursions

Samana Day Trip Through Miches

You'll be picked up in comfortable buses in the Punta Cana, Bavaro, Uvero Alto and Bayahibe areas where we will begin a terrific adventure full of new experiences. Visitors will discover the amazing Dominican countryside through rural roads and magical places, ideal for taking pictures. The journey will start at El Seybo’s main highway which will take the group from Bavaro to Miches in approximately an hour and a half. The trip will take the group to the dock where you'll get on a speedboat heading to Santa Barbara de Samana, where a safari-type truck will drive to El Limon. Here the excursionists will have the opportunity to visit a typical Dominican house where you'll be in contact with native and organic fruits; you'll have the pleasure of savoring these fruits straight from the plantation. At this point of the journey, get ready to head to El Limon Waterfall! A short horse ride through the tropical forest will lead to the mountain where you'll enjoy the unique view of the crystal clear water ahead. Next, you'll leave the horses behind and go through El Limon River by foot until reaching the waterfall by stairs  where you can take a nice and refreshing dive in a spot created by nature in the most artistic way - El Limon Waterfall. Spend approximately 30 minutes at the falls. On the way back, the tour will stop at Rancho Tipico, where you can regain energy with a delightful, Dominican style buffet. After a quick rest, where the group can share stories, emotions and memories of their unforgettable experiences, the tour will head back to the dock in Samana. Next it is a speed boat ride to Bacardi Island or Cayo Levantado. Here, one can bathe in its turquoise, virgin waters. The adventure ends with a speedboat trip that will head back to Miches to board the buses that will take folks back to their hotels. It is simply the most exciting and complete road excursion in the Dominican Republic. Customers can expect to be back to their hotels at approximately 6:30pm.

$284.99 Air, Helicopter & Balloon Tours

Samaná Day Trip by Air from Punta Cana

Start your day with early morning hotel pickup in Punta Cana and head to a nearby airport, where you’ll be greeted with drinks and music before you climb aboard a turboprop aircraft. Take a short flight north over the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic and admire the aerial views of white sand beaches and the sparkling Samaná Bay. Upon arrival in Samaná, hop into a safari truck and rumble up into the Sierra de Samaná mountains. Enjoy lush landscapes during the drive and disembark at a local plantation. Your guide escorts you about the grounds, pointing out the native fruits and plants, in addition to agricultural products made in the region like coffee and cacao. Taste the freshness of these products, as well as honey and casabe, or cassava bread.After about an hour at the plantation, move on to a horseback-riding ranch in El Limón. After a safety briefing, clop off and follow your guide into a dense tropical forest along the Arroyo Chico River. Arrive at El Limón Waterfall, sheeting 165 feet (50 meters) of water into a turquoise-colored swimming hole at the base. Spend about 35 minutes here, splashing around in the hole and taking pictures. Return to the stables and then head to Samaná’s pier for a brief tour of the port town, formally called Santa Bárbara de Samaná. Stop for lunch at a local restaurant with panoramic views of the bay, and tuck into delicious Dominican gourmet fare, washing it down with beer, wine and select cocktails (included). Refueled, climb aboard your catamaran at the pier and speed on to Cayo Levantado, also known as Bacardi Island. Step off the boat and dig your toes into the velvety white sand, swim or snorkel in the warm green-blue waters, or seek shade under coconut palms and sip a cool drink (provided).After a laid-back hour on the island, return to Samaná and take transport to your turboprop aircraft. Fly back to Punta Cana and arrive at your hotel in the early evening.

$75 Outdoor Activities

Zipline Adventure in El Limón

Minutes away from the pier of Samaná, on approach to Juana Vicente, awaits the most thrilling adventure to the northeast of the Dominican Republic. This adventure tour offers an experience of ziplining over 20 platforms and 10 cables that invite you to fly over the lush mountains, tropical forests and formidable landscapes of the island Cayo Levantado.After a brief ride in a safari-style truck, prepare yourself for a new dimension of discovery and fun. Following a short introductory briefing, in which essential security procedures are explained, prepare to takeoff on a journey down the path leading towards the first platform.As you climb the first cable, your initial reaction may as well be to close your eyes but don't miss out on the flawless woodlands! The horizon is covered by panoramic views of the Samaná Peninsula. Soar through far-reaching stretches, some as far as 450 meters, as you make your away to the last platform.Glide across rainforests and take delight in unbeatable perspectives, appreciating a bird’s eye view. Dive into a heavenly paradise, in the midst of dazzling tropical rainforests and incredible scenery overshadowed by virgin white sand beaches.

$138.99 Day Trips & Excursions

Samaná Day Trip from La Romana

Enjoy convenient morning pickup from your hotel in La Romana, Boca Chica or Juan Dolio. Board a comfortable coach where you can relax and eat a provided breakfast during the approx. 3-hour drive to Samaná. Upon arrival, hop aboard a safari-style vehicle and head to Rancho Aventuras, a horse ranch in El Limón. After a safety briefing, you’ll be paired with a horse for your 20-minute ride in El Limón National Park.Follow your guide’s lead into dense tropical woods along the Arroyo Chico River and arrive at El Limón Waterfall, sheeting 165 feet (50 meters) of water into a natural pool below. Spend some time splashing about in this swimming hole before riding back to the stables and patting your horse good-bye.Back aboard your safari truck, your day trip on the Samaná Peninsula continues with a tour of the port town, formally called Santa Bárbara de Samaná. Then enjoy a buffet lunch at El Timon, a local restaurant on El Malecón, the city’s boardwalk. Dig into Caribbean fare while admiring panoramic views of Samaná Bay. (Beer, wine, select cocktails, soft drinks and juice are included with your meal.)With your appetite sated, head to the pier for a boat ride to Cayo Levantado (aka Bacardi Island), a true Caribbean paradise. Step off your boat into postcard-perfect scenery and dig your toes into the velvety white sand. Work hard on a tan, snorkel in the warm aquamarine waters, and snooze under coconut palms that sway in the soft breeze. Thirsty? Mosey over to the beach bar for a refreshing beer or soft drink (included). Tropical cocktails such as piña coladas, banana mamas and coco locos are available for purchase.After a relaxing afternoon on Cayo Levantado, return by boat to Samaná. End your day with return coach transport to your La Romana hotel, and enjoy a light snack (sandwich, fruit, juice and water) on board.

$90 Day Trips & Excursions

Eco-Adventure in Los Haitises National Park

After hotel pickup in Samaná, travel with your local guide to the city’s port, where you’ll board a boat and ride south to Los Haitises National Park. Located on San Lorenzo Bay, this subtropical forest and protected sanctuary is home to various species of crustaceans, reptiles and birds found on mogotes, or rocky island hills. Upon arrival at the park, climb aboard a speedboat and weave in and out of red and white mangrove forests, navigating through dozens of canals created by the more than 100 rivers crossing one another in the park. The resulting mixture of fresh and salty waters provides an ideal habitat for the great array of creatures you’ll see along the way, including carp, crab, oysters and manatees. Listen as your expert guide points out the shortleaf fig or wild banyan tree, the almond tree, orchids and other flora.Wind through swamps, and emerge from the dense cover of the mangrove-tree canopy out onto the open turquoise waters of San Lorenzo Bay; then admire the backdrop of the Samaná mountains, and pass by the small islands of Boca del Tiburon and Cayo de los Pájaros (Bird Island). True to its name, the island boasts flocks of easy-to-spot brown pelicans, royal terns and frigate birds perched on the horizontal branches of cupey trees, the dominant tree species found here. Your eco-adventure continues with exploring caverns marked with petroglyphs made by either the area’s first inhabitants or the Tainos. Learn about this fascinating pictorial record of how the indigenous people in the region once lived, and listen to your guide's explanation of how pirates stashed their treasures in these caves and the rest of the park, which in fact was a filming location for Pirates of the Caribbean. Head to Cayo Levantado, or Bacardi Island where you will enjoy a typical traditional Dominican buffet lunch. Then, swim in the clear blue water, or find the perfect hammock strung between coconut trees and relax for the rest of the day before being taken back to your Samaná hotel.