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The town is a merger of two settlements: 19th-century Luka (meaning 'port'), where the ferry docks, and medieval Kut, on the opposite curve of the horseshoe. A harbour-side promenade runs scenically between the two. Vis' long and complicated history has bequeathed it the remains of a Greek cemetery, Roman baths and an English fortress.

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Most popular Islands you will visit:Hvar: Hvar reserves most of the superlatives associated with the Croatian islands. It’s definitively the most luxurious island, the sunniest place in the country and one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean in general.At the epicentre of it all is Hvar Town lined with luxurious yachts. Visitors swarm the attractive waterfront and Main Square, sipping on cappuccinos and lattés in the morning, traversing the beaches on the idyllic offshore islets by day and the trendy bars by night.Hvar’s also the after party central. With bars and clubs closing in early hours of the morning you can catch a short boat ride to a nearby island to continue partying well into the next day.Vis: Of all the Croatian islands, Vis has got that most mysterious vibe to it. Due to its many years as a designated no-go military area for foreigners in Communist Yugoslavia, the island has largely remained untouched and is an absolute tourism gem with pristine beaches and laid back bars and restaurants. It’s a perfect chillax destination.The rugged coast around the island is dotted with gorgeous hidden coves, caves and some of the best beaches in Croatia. Stončica, Stiniva and Srebena are our favourites. Its namesake Capital is our first stop.Vis town stretches along a wide bay with two centres, the commercial harbour area Luka and the more restaurant and night time activity area Kut. During the day, Vis Town is relatively quiet with restaurants opening in the late afternoon and night life lovers descending from their yachts, swarming the bars and clubs.Komiža: Experiencing all of Vis simply would not be complete without swimming, snorkeling or cliff diving around the Green Cave and visiting the astonishing Blue Cave. The cave’s piercing blue hues caused by light reflecting through the water and bouncing off the limestone bottom leaves all of its visitors in absolute awe. One of Mother Nature’s delights!The nearby fishing village of Komiža is located at the southern end of Vis Island and is dominated by the Grimaldi fortress. It feels slightly more bohemian then Vis town. This is the place to enjoy the easy-going Mediterranean pace and excellent pebble riddled beaches. Despite the relaxed atmosphere, the village does have some fancy fine dining establishments and an outdoor club.Pakleni islands: are a chain of green islands in the immediate vicinity of Hvar famous for their beach bars and a myriad of secluded coves. This is where yacht owners and famous people go for privacy and to indulge in their fabulous lifestyles and even get into their birthday suits. Pakleni islands (Fiery Islands or Inferno Islands) got their name as tar and resin used for coating the bottoms of boats used to be cooked here.