Entertainment in Yunnan

  • Entertainment in Lijiang

    Naxi Music Academy

    Attending a performance of this orchestra inside a beautiful building in the old town is a good way to spend an evening in Lijiang. Not only are all two dozen or so members Naxi, but they play a type of Taoist temple music (known as dòngjīng) that has been lost elsewhere in China.

  • Entertainment in Lugu Lake

    Mosuo Dance Show

    This nightly dance show sees group dancing by many Mosuo men and women in traditional dress around a fire, with the occasional tourist joining in. The local name for it translates as 'bonfire party', but it's really more of a staged cultural performance. It's very popular with domestic tourists and is held in a forecourt off the inland street.

  • Entertainment in Lijiang

    Impression Lijiang

    With Jade Dragon Snow Mountain for a background and a strong background of Yunannese history and cultural groups to pull from, Lijiang's most popular live performance should leave a lasting impression. And yet, independent travellers mostly agree it falls flatter than the Ganhaizi valley that surrounds it. This one's squarely for the tour groups.