Top ChoiceArts & Crafts in Tianjin

Nírén Zhāng

Trading under the name of the artist (Zhang Mingshen) who invented Tianjin's most famous craftwork almost 200 years ago, the inconspicuous first-floor premises of Nírén Zhāng is a wonderful place to browse for...

Art in Tianjin

New Year Paintings Gallery

The former canal-side market town of Yangliuqing is famous throughout China for producing Chinese New Year block-printed paintings that people hang in their homes for good luck. This small gallery showcases some...

Market in Tianjin

Ancient Culture Street

Ancient Culture Street is stuffed with vendors flogging Chinese calligraphy, paintings, tea sets, paper cuts, clay figurines, chops and goods from all over China. The fascinating Tianhou Temple, Tianjin’s version...

Gifts & Souvenirs in Tianjin

Vintage Travel Zakka

This cutesy second-hand shop is an Aladdin's Cave of vintage China knickknacks, from communist-era match boxes and university lapel pins to 1980s cigarette cartons and dusty old unopened bottles of báijiǔ (白酒,...

Market in Tianjin

Shanyangdao Antiques Market

Best visited on Sunday, this antiques market is great for rifling through stamps, silverware, porcelain, clocks, Mao badges and Cultural Revolution memorabilia.