Gongqing Forest Park


in Hongkou & North Shanghai

This vast expanse of forested parkland (131 hectares) on the western shore of the Huangpu River is a tranquil slice of countryside in Shanghai with around 200,000 trees and 200 species of flora. This is about as wild as you get in Puxi, with acres of willows, luohan pines, magnolias, hibiscus and no skyscrapers in sight. Aim to spend half if not a whole day picnicking and wandering around this huge area.

For kids, there’s a roller coaster, rock climbing, bumper cars, horse riding, roller-skating rink, bike riding, paintball and other activities. Nenjiang Rd and Shiguang Lu stations near the northern terminus of metro line 8 will get you close to the western edge of the park; a taxi 3km from the metro station will cost around ¥16. Alternatively, take line 8 to Xiangyin Rd metro station and hop aboard bus 102 from exit 2.