Gòngqīng Forest Park

Park in Hongkou & North Shanghai

This vast expanse of forested parkland on the western shore of the Huángpǔ River is a leafy, wooded and tranquil slice of countryside in Shànghǎi. This is about as wild as you get in Pǔxī, with acres of willows, luohan pines, magnolias, hibiscus and nary a skyscraper in sight. Aim to spend half if not a whole day picnicking and wandering around this huge area.

For kids, there’s a roller coaster, rock climbing, horse riding, paintball and other activities. Nenjiang Rd and Shiguang Lu stations near the northern terminus of metro line 8 will get you close to the western edge of the park; a taxi from the metro station will cost around ¥15. Alternatively, take line 8 to Xiangyin Rd metro station and hop aboard bus 102 from exit 2.