Jiangxi in Nanchang

Lao San Yang

Promising to 'keep the real taste of Old Nanchang', this wildly popular no-frills restaurant has a youthful vibe, a Communist Revolutionary theme and a menu full of spicy Jiangxi deliciousness. The house...

Jiangxi in Nanchang

Taste of Caimi

This clean, comfortable, air-con-cooled restaurant has large windows overlooking the street and a menu that includes Jiangxi specialities such as jiàng huáng niú ròu (酱黄牛肉, spicy stir-fried beef), lǎo huǒ mèn yā...

Chinese in Nanchang

Bǎi Cǎo Xiāng

If having to choose from long, impenetrable menus is starting to make your head spin, consider seeking out this tiny, modern place that offers just three versions of one simple, filling dish: a meat pot with...

Street Food in Nanchang

Shengjinta Jie Snack Street

This modern recreation of an old snack street may be contrived, but it certainly won't leave you hungry. Its pedestrianised strip is lined with restaurants and noodle joints and dotted with snack stalls selling...

Chinese in Likeng

Guangming Teahouse

Serving some of the best food in Likeng, the charming Guangming Teahouse acts as an informal thoroughfare to the best photo spot in the village, perched above the village stream. It's a lovely spot to try the...

Jiangxi in Jingdezhen

Niu Gu Fen

Nevermind the fancy-pants places inside Ceramics Art Avenue: try some of the great-value no-frills restaurants opposite. Order the speciality niú gǔ fěn (牛骨粉, beef-rib noodles) at this place, for example, and...

Cafe in Wuyuan

Youshi Kafei

This modern, comfortable, 1st-floor cafe is the only place for miles that does freshly ground coffee, but it also does Western food (avocado sandwiches, salads, mini burgers, pizza) as well as beer and wine, and...

Jiangxi in Jingdezhen

8 Du Chufang

The most popular of numerous places to eat on this stretch, this modern restaurant serves Jiangxi specialities such as niúqi chōngtiān (牛气冲天, spicy beef claypot), xiāngcūn lǎodòufu (乡村老豆腐, village-style tofu) and...

Noodles in Sanqing Shan

Lánzhōu Lāmiàn

The noodles at this tiny restaurant, located 100m left out of Yushan bus station, are pulled fresh while you wait, and there are more than 30 different types. There's a bunch of rice dishes on offer too, plus...

Jiangxi in Nanchang

Pijiu Ya Banfen

This pint-sized, no-frills place has a bunch of noodle and rice offerings, but its signature dish, píjiǔ yā bànfěn (啤酒鸭拌粉, drunken duck noodles, ¥13), is a speciality of Nanchang.

Chinese in Nanchang


It's not all Popeye at 40 paces at this friendly, no-frills restaurant; there are plenty of other dishes besides, and some handy photos on the wall to aid ordering from the Chinese-only menu. Recommended dishes...

Chinese in Jingdezhen


Located just inside in the Ceramic Art Avenue, Hútáolǐ's menu spans a selection of regional Chinese dishes. Mains of note are the steamed chicken, sweet and sour ribs and the spicy fried vegetables. A good...