Best restaurants in Hubei

  • Restaurants in Yichang

    Xiǎo Hú Niú

    Specialising in a local beef hotplate called xiǎo hú niú, this is a fun place to eat in Beimen. Order the hotplate first, stipulating how spicy you want your beef (¥25 for 250g) or lamb (¥26 for 250g) – mild (微辣; wēi là), medium (中辣; zhōng là) or hot (麻辣; mǎ là) – before ordering other raw ingredients to fry it with.

  • Restaurants in Wuhan

    Shěnjì Shāokǎo Hǎixiān

    Not your typical noodle stand, this popular spot specialises in two things: seafood règānmiàn (sesame noodles) served in a huge bowl that will easily feed two, and barbecued skewers. The noodles come with crab legs (蟹脚面, xièjiǎomiàn; ¥68) and clams (圣子面, shèngzǐmiàn; ¥38) – the literal translation of the latter is ‘Jesus noodles’!

  • Restaurants in Wuhan

    Xiǎo Bèiké

    This stylish restaurant, with lovely tree-shaded terrace seating, offers an excellent range of pan-Chinese cuisine, with dishes from Hubei, Sichuan and Chongqing featuring highly. In addition to seafood, it prepares delicious variations of roasted duck, chicken and goose. It's on the corner of Dongting Jie and Cai’e Lu (蔡锷路); the sign on the terrace fencing reads 'Petits Coquille Restaurant'.

  • Restaurants in Yichang

    Fangweng Restaurant

    At Xiling Gorge (西陵峡; Xīlíng Xiá), 13km north of Yichang, is a peculiar restaurant perched precariously against a cliff. Claimed to be the ninth 'cave restaurant' in the world, the cuisine is distinctly Hubei, the service brisk and the view quite amazing. Taxis know it well (about ¥80 one way).

  • Restaurants in Yichang

    Wanda Plaza

    Across the street from the Three Gorges Tourist Centre, this popular mall has a good selection of restaurants on the 3rd and 4th floors, as well as a number of outdoor stalls around the back on the ground level.

  • Restaurants in Shennongjia


    Comfy booths, lattice screens and some traditional-style murals make this an attractive place to dine. Local tea is included with meals.

  • Restaurants in Jingzhou

    Liánxīn Sùcàiguǎn

    Wholesome vegetarian food is prepared at this friendly Buddhist restaurant next to the local Zhanghua Temple. Mock-meat dishes are accompanied by an assortment of green vegetable dishes infused with chilli, garlic and mushrooms. Unfortunately, it's located 7.5km southeast of the city walls, past the long distance bus station.

  • Restaurants in Wuhan

    Hubu Alley

    Hubu Alley is famous among locals for street food, from noodles and steamed buns to duck intestines and pigs' feet. Crowds here can be intense on weekends and holidays. It's off Minzhu Lu, just west of the Yellow Crane Tower in Wuchang.

  • Restaurants in Wuhan

    Lǎojiē Shāokǎo

    'Old Street Barbecue' serves spicy grilled meats, fish and veggies in a pleasant sit-down restaurant. Large bottles of cheap beer help keep the chilli at bay.

  • Restaurants in Wudang Shan

    Wàipó Jiā

    'Grandma's' is a cheery modern place with a good selection of the usual home-style dishes. No English menu.