International in Chengde

Magic Room

The witch's forest lair theme is fun, but it's the food that's truly charmed – a mix of Western comforts (steak, chips, salads, pasta and top-notch handmade pizzas) and Eastern treats (the Taiwanese braised-pork...

Dumplings in Shanhaiguan

Alley Dumplings

Housed in a 200-year-old building, this endearing family-home restaurant, run by a welcoming elderly couple, offers delicious dumplings (饺子, jiǎozi) with three choices of fillings: pork and cabbage (白菜猪肉, báicài...

Dumplings in Chengde

Dà Qīng Huā Jiǎozi

The finest dumpling house in Chengde, this excellent establishment has a big choice of juicy jiǎozi (dumplings; ¥18 to ¥32 per serving). Choose boiled (水饺, shuǐ jiǎo) or steamed (蒸饺, zhēng jiǎo), then pick your...

Hebei in Shijiazhuang

Yáng Mázǐ Dà Bǐng

This no-frills canteen-like restaurant specialises in dà bǐng (大饼; plate-sized, golden-fried, pastry twirls with a variety of both savoury and sweet fillings), ideally washed down with a bowl of millet porridge...

Food Hall in Shijiazhuang

Mix C Food Hall

There are restaurants and cafes dotted throughout Mix C, the city's snazziest shopping mall, but head up to the 6th floor to find the best-value offerings, inside a small Hong Kong–style food court called Skyland...

Hebei in Shijiazhuang

Chéngdé Huìguǎn

Specialising in imperial cuisine from the summer courts of Chengde (承德, Chéngdé) in northern Hebei, this fine, long-standing restaurant has a fun atmosphere, with faux courtyard decor and excellent food,...

Food Hall in Shijiazhuang

Lerthai Center

A slick shopping mall with dozens of restaurants ranging from Shanghainese and hotpot to pizza and Korean BBQ. Freshly made juice will keep you hydrated, while the exterior patios, dotted with street-food stalls,...

Dumplings in Shanhaiguan

Sitiao Baozi

At just over ¥1 a pop, the tasty pork bāozi (包子; stuffed steamed buns) here are popular with tourists, not least because this time-honoured restaurant claims to have been filling bellies since before the revolution.

Chinese Islamic in Shanhaiguan

Lanzhou Lamian

Run by a Hui-Muslim family from Qinghai province (and therefore an alcohol-free zone), this no-frills restaurant does a range of tasty noodle dishes, including pulled noodles with beef (牛肉拉面, niúròu lāmiàn – the...

Peking Duck in Shijiazhuang


If you didn’t get your full fix of Peking duck in the capital, this big, swish branch of the Beijing chain fires up its duck traditional-style over fruit wood. A half-duck is ¥84, with the trimmings (pancakes,...