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    Shanzai Vegetarian Meal

    The beautiful rooftop terrace of this vegetarian restaurant has some of the best views and food in Guiyang. All dishes are stylishly presented and combine interesting and unique flavours. The signature dish is the enthusiastically named shànzāi shànzāi (善哉善哉; ¥48), which literally means 'excellent excellent', and combines stir-fried vegetables with crunchy bits of fried dough stick, walnuts and tofu skin. The spring rolls (素春卷, sù chūnjuǎn; small/large ¥22/40) are crisp and tasty while the Tainan sour noodle soup (酸汤台南小面, suāntāng Táinán xiǎomiàn; small/large ¥15/42) has a nice balance between sour and spicy flavours. The ‘four treasures' dish (善哉素四宝, shànzāi sù sì bǎo; ¥45) features little bowls of tasty nibbles, including smokey aubergine and spicy okra, that are great for sharing. The restaurant is a little hard to find. On Xihu Lu, look for an alleyway to the left of an ICBC Bank. Follow the alleyway until you see a stone passage with a wooden arch on your right. Head down here and take the lift on your right to the 4th floor but carry on up the stairs to the right to the 5th-floor reception – the terrace is on the 6th floor.

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    Old Kaili Sour Fish Restaurant

    This local institution has two branches, but the one on Shengfu Lu has superior service and atmosphere (both have Miao waitstaff in traditional garb). Everyone comes for suāntāngyú (酸汤鱼; sour fish soup), a Miao delicacy and Guizhou’s most famous dish. Choose a fish from the tank and point to the vegetables you'd like; your soup is made to order. Delicious.

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    Shù Chú

    Next door to the Novotel is this homely restaurant set inside a courtyard of a former private residence. The menu here errs on the spicy side, although the fish-flavoured pork (鱼香肉丝, yúxiāng ròusī; ¥46) doesn't pack too much heat, while the 'oil residue' vermicelli (油渣炒粉丝, yóuzhā chǎo fěnsī; ¥36) is tastier than it sounds – a colourful mix of crunchy vegetables and crispy pork with noodles.

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    Màizi Shānzhuāng

    On the western edge of Upper Nahui village and with a lovely outdoor seating area, this restaurant serves up delicious dishes such as green pepper pork (青椒炒肉丝, qīngjiāo chǎo ròusī; ¥30), soy sauce braised fish (红烧鱼, hóngshāo yú; ¥68) and egg-fried rice (鸡蛋饭, jīdàn fàn; ¥35). The restaurant also offers extremely locally sourced deep-fried grasshoppers (油炸蚂蚱, yóuzhá màzhà; ¥38), caught in the surrounding rice paddies. Served with Sichuan peppercorns and spring onions, they're crunchy, salty and surprisingly tasty.

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    Mumu One

    The service here might be a little too relaxed but it has good coffee (available with dairy-free milk alternatives), snacks, a handful of cocktails as well as all-day western-style brunch dishes, making this place hugely unusual in Guiyang. The Spanish chorizo baked egg (¥48) is a gooey delight, while the English breakfast (¥58) is hearty and well prepared, and can be tailored to vegetarian diets. Staff speak some English.

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    This restaurant housed in an old warehouse on a ramshackle lane off Qianling Xilu serves consistent Guizhou cuisine in an unpretentious setting. Staff speak no English but will happily recommend dishes based on your tolerance for spicy food. The entrance to the alleyway is opposite the large red-crossed Protestant Church on Qianling Xilu.