Drinking and nightlife in Gansu

  • Top ChoiceNightlife in Dunhuang

    Memory Box Cafe

    This comfy and eclectically designed cafe with ample greenery, high ceiling, voluminous glass windows, a vast aquarium with huge, colourful fish and lots of neat little compartmentalised tables to sit down at serves a range of drinks and Chinese and western snacks, including Illy coffee and some imported beers. It also has a few nice seats out front in warmer weather. The cafe further eases into a relaxing low gear with easy-going guitar music (Jack Johnson) and even Tom Waits, and the menu is also decent, with tasty garlic and tuna spaghetti (¥45), steaks and much more as well as cakes and other bites.

  • Nightlife in Southern Gansu

    Bear's House

    This 2nd-floor cafe up a spiral staircase overlooking the main street of Langmusi sells coffee (¥20), tea (¥15), and breakfast/snacks (¥15) in a cosy cafe setting with English menus. On the main street halfway through town.

  • Nightlife in Southern Gansu

    Bái Mǎ Méi Duŏ

    Though it also features pricey coffee (from ¥35; instant ¥30) and butter tea (¥35 per pot) plus a mix of western and Sichuanese dishes (¥20 to ¥68), this place also serves beer from ¥15 and 'Highland barley wine' (¥30). Located on the main road at the turn to Kerti Gompa.

  • Nightlife in Dunhuang

    Yánmò Shíguāng

    All comfy sofas and a pleasant mezzanine aloft, this is a relaxing and good-looking choice for a chilled beer. Craft beers are on the menu, or you can sink a local beer (from ¥8) or aim for a cocktail (from ¥38).

  • Nightlife in Dunhuang

    Gedi Bros Grill House

    This airy covered all wood and bamboo beer garden right at the front of the Silk Road Dunhuang Hotel carpark serves up cheap, cold bottles of Tsingtao (¥15) and heaping portions of fried noodles and grilled meats. It's a bit noisy as it's right next to the main road, but it's a welcome refuelling point after hiking up Singing Sands Dune. Note that the name on the front is spelled Gebi Bros Grill House, which is a misspelling of the pinyin.