Best restaurants in Fujian

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Xiamen

    Lucky Full City Seafood

    If you eat out just once in Xiamen, join the queues for this Cantonese culinary masterclass, and then stack up the exquisite dim sum dishes like egg buns, roasted pigeon and pork dumplings. Catch a taxi here: the driver will know where it is. It also has a branch 200m north of Lundu ferry terminal.

  • Restaurants in Xiamen

    Lucky Full City Seafood Dim Sum

    Authentic and MSG-free dim sum is served in this ever-popular restaurant. Expect to wait at least 30 minutes to get a table.

  • Restaurants in Fuzhou

    Old Foochow

    The antiquated spelling of Fuzhou hints at the old-world chic that's obvious as soon as you plonk down on the green leatherette booths and use a pencil to tick off some Fuzhou favourites from the picture menu, such as Fúzhōu xiāngyóu xiā (福州香油虾, sesame oil stir-fried prawns) and the challenging yet moreish nán jiān gān (南煎肝, lychee-braised liver).

  • Restaurants in Fuzhou

    Yonghe Fishballs

    Fuzhou is famous for its pork-stuffed fishballs and Yonghe has been fine-tuning its delicious recipe since 1934, with six in a bowl of plain soup. Go for a mixed bowl, which includes mackerel, squid and 'shark' balls (actually just minced white fish), and pull up a window-side seat upstairs in this century-old building for views over bustling Nanhou Jie.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Wuyi Shan

    Chui Yan Restaurant

    This bamboo-heavy, riverside restaurant buzzes most nights with groups sharing platters of Chinese dishes such as the local speciality of chicken fried with tea leaves and cumin, served in a bamboo basket. Part of a promising trend in Wuyi Shan for chic dining with good-value food that doesn't require a tout.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Gulang Yu

    Lāohǎi Wù

    It feels like you’re cutting through an elegant alley on the way to somewhere else, but stop at the wooden benches for incredible noodle, fish and duck dishes at this friendly indoor-outdoor restaurant loved by Fujianese food fanatics. There’s an attached ceramics gallery and cold beer (¥30) available.

  • Restaurants in Xiamen

    32/HOW Cafe

    If Xiamen starts to wear you down, hide out in this atmospheric Taiwanese coffee shop in an old house near Zhongshan Park. The coffee is brewed with aplomb and the decor is mid-century Europe: velvety reds and browns, towering wine racks, abstract artwork and hard leather lounges. Lean back and percolate.

  • Restaurants in Fuzhou

    30ml Coffee Studio

    Near the corner of ‘Seven Alleys', on the edge of the canal, 30ml is almost too cool for Fuzhou. Here you’ll find delicious coffee (¥28 to ¥32), cake, chicken wings, imported fruit beer and the diverse sounds of Cash, Cook, Dylan et al. Reasonable English spoken, with a Chinese sensibility.

  • Restaurants in Quanzhou

    Ānjì Kèjiāwáng

    The Ān family are well known across town for their Cantonese-style dim sum, which sneaks a few Hakka delights onto the trolley. The xiāmǐ chángfěn (虾米肠粉, shrimp in rice paper) and xián dànjuǎn (咸蛋卷, salty egg rolls) will do just nicely thanks.

  • Restaurants in Gulang Yu

    Black Cat Dining Room

    A former 1920s dance hall for sailors and diplomats, the Black Cat is now an antiques-filled multi-room restaurant with lots of intimate dining options. The menu swings to its own sweet rhythm between Chinese and international. A speciality here is the Taiwanese-style cured sausage.

  • Restaurants in Xiamen

    Dàfāng Sùcàiguǎn

    This popular vegetarian restaurant attracts nearly as many devotees as nearby Nanputuo Temple. The tasty soy-based meals are lavishly named and presented. Dishes are large and best shared for variety.

  • Restaurants in Gulang Yu

    Chu Family Coffee

    A little delight is found in this garden cafe where cats roam and an award-winning barista brews his magic. The Western desserts don’t skimp on the cream and sweet Earl Grey milk tea is a non-coffee speciality. The pasta and tapas are also fine for a craving.

  • Restaurants in Fuzhou


    This reputable, decades-old vegetarian restaurant has a welcoming outdoor area and a variety of mock-meat dishes. It gets busy with workers at lunchtime. It’s about 2km east of Sānfāng Qīxiàng.

  • Restaurants in Gulang Yu

    Babycat Café

    The sweet Amoy pies are the attraction at Babycat, a dimly lit cafe with wood furniture and feline touches. Go for the red bean or pistachio flavour.

  • Restaurants in Xiamen

    Huángzéhé Peanut Soup Shop

    Since 1945 this humble counter-service diner has filled an unusual craving for sweet local speciality huāshēng tāng (花生汤, peanut soup). Other snacks include fried zǎo (枣, red dates) and hǎlìjiān (海蛎煎, oyster omelette). Get a free reloadable card from the cash register attendants that you swipe to order food; unused credit is refundable.

  • Restaurants in Xiamen

    Kāihé Shāchámiàn

    Shāchámiàn is Fujian’s favourite street noodle dish (¥25), sauced with dried fish, onion and chilli. Which animal protein you choose to add on top depends on personal preference – pork and shellfish feature prominently – or you can opt for tofu and egg. This simple shop is identifiable by the yellow characters on the green front panel.

  • Restaurants in Chongwu

    Medo Cafe

    In modern Chongwu, on the busy strip facing the neglected port, Medo is the best of a number of pleasant eateries packed with a younger crowd sipping sweet teas and playing on their phones. There are cakes, coffee and simple rice and meat dishes. It's 400m north of Chongwu's old town.

  • Restaurants in Quanzhou

    Lánshì Zhōnglóu

    In an area flush with eateries, this Hakka favourite draws a return crowd for its honest, affordable fare. The signature hēimǐzòng (黑米粽, black rice dumplings) and dànhuángzòng (蛋黄粽, rice dumpling with yolk) are recommended by staff for a reason.

  • Restaurants in Xiamen

    Seaview Restaurant

    The prime 7th-floor viewing deck in the city also serves decent Fujianese and Hong Kong snacks such as prawn dumplings, sometimes as a buffet. It’s ideal for a predinner drink and the sunset may make you linger longer than expected.

  • Restaurants in Xiamen


    Popular with expatriates is this Italian restaurant run by long-term foreign residents. It feels familiar for homesick travellers, and the atmosphere is always convivial. Oh, and the pizza and pasta will do too.