Tiger Mountain Great Wall

Walls in Dandong

Image by Cute Kitten Images Getty Images

About 20km northeast of Dāndōng, this steep, restored stretch of the Wall, known as Tiger Mountain Great Wall, was built during the Ming dynasty and runs parallel to the North Korean border. Unlike other sections of the Wall, this one sees comparatively few tourists. The Wall ends at a small museum with a few weapons, vases and wartime dioramas.

From here two routes loop back to the entrance. Heading straight ahead on the road is the easy way back. But there’s nothing to see. It's better to climb back up the stairs a short way and look for a path on the right that drops and then literally runs along the cliff face! There are some good scrambles and in 20 minutes or so you’ll get to a point called Yībùkuà – ‘one step across’ – marking an extremely narrow part of the river between the two countries. Not far past this you’ll reach an area where you can walk back to the entrance.

Buses to the Wall (¥6.50, 40 minutes) run about every hour from Dāndōng’s long-distance bus station. A taxi from town will cost ¥35 and you can usually flag a share taxi back for ¥10.