Must see attractions in Labrador

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    Torngat Mountains National Park

    Named from the Inuktitut word torngait (place of spirits), this national park is the ancestral home of Inuit and their predecessors. Its spectacular…

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    Grande Hermine Park

    From Wabush, 39km east on Rte 500 is Grande Hermine Park, which has a beach and some fine scenery. The Menihek hiking trail (15km) goes through wooded…

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    Labrador Interpretation Centre

    Officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1997, the Labrador Interpretation Centre is the provincial museum, which holds some of Labrador's finest works…

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    Gateway Labrador

    In the same building as the visitor center is Gateway Labrador and its Montague Exhibit Hall, where 3500 years of human history and culture, including the…