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Two miles up the river is the source of the Columbia Branch of the Río Grande, where water bubbles out from beneath the rocks. Local guides can take you to see the source; it's a 45-minute walk from the center of town. Behind the village, up in the hills, is the Columbia Forest Reserve, which has thousands of acres of forest, sinkholes, caves and ruins hidden in the valleys. There are also local guides who can take you there.

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Organic Chocolate Farm and Mayan Ruins

We will collect you from your hotel at 9am and head out in private transport to San Pedro Columbia.Firstly we will walk the farm at Eladio's Organic Cacao farm, where you can pick fresh cacao and other fruits directly from the tree. Eladio, our guide, will share his vast knowledge of Belizean vegetation and you will learn about how to grow, graft, harvest and ferment cacao. As a father of 15 you will be enthralled with his family tales and holistic outlook on life.Once you have worked up an appetite you will be treated to a traditional lunch, typically the delicious Mayan dish of Caldo (chicken soup) with fresh corn tortillas. You will then spend an hour or 2 learning the importance of the Cacao drink to the Mayan culture and have a hands on lesson in how to grind the cacao the old fashioned way, on a metate! It is not as easy as it looks.....You will enjoy the traditional chocolate drink and help make into chocolate bars.Once completed we head through the village and out towards Lubaantun Mayan ruins."Lubantuun" meaning "place of fallen stones", is famous for the legendary crystal skull,discovered back in the 1920s. Set on a hilltop in beautiful countryside this site is believed to have some of the finest Masonry work in the Mayan world.The site is home to several burial tombs, and was believed to be an administrative centre used for sacred festivities and ceremonies. You will stop by the visitors centre to see a selection of artefacts discovered on the site and to learn more about the crystal skull. Entrance fees and tour guide are included.Guests are asked to bring a refillable water bottle as water refills will be provided along with fresh fruit snack and of course lunch.We will drop you back at your hotel or designated place around 4pm.