Must see attractions in Azerbaijan

  • Z
    Zərnava Bridge

    This spindly suspension footbridge was designed to help villagers reach the hamlet of Zərnava but these days its users are mostly selfie-snapping tourists…

  • C
    City Hall

    Gəncə's central square is dominated by the arcade-fronted City Hall, a powerful example of Stalinist architecture that contrasts with the tree-shaded 17th…

  • C
    Car Village

    Car is a chocolate-box village half-hidden in blossoms and greenery. Picturesque houses are tucked away behind mossy dry-stone walls in abundant orchards…

  • C
    Center of Contemporary Art

    When active, this excellent commercial minigallery tends to highlight some of the city's more-interesting contemporary artistic trends. Check out their…

  • K
    Kiçik Qalart

    Private gallery with changing modern-art exhibitions. It's tucked between a pretty shaded garden and a section of city wall that features a medieval-style…

  • C
    Cavadxan küç

    The city's most-appealing 'stroll street' has attractive sculptures and a succession of restored brick facades mostly dating from around 1900.

  • N
    Nәriman Nәrimanov Statue

    No, it's not Lenin. This truly gigantic Soviet-era statue actually honours Nәriman Nәrimanov, Azerbaijan's first communist-era leader.

  • G

    Naxçivan's antiquity of human habitation is witnessed by a series of Bronze Age petroglyphs near the summit of remote Mt Gəmiqaya, thought to date as far…

  • B

    In stark contrast to lowland Naxçivan's arid semideserts, the upland lakes of Batabat are set in high, rolling grasslands. They make for cooling family…

  • N
    Nizami Literature Museum

    The greatest attraction of this museum for most visitors is the western facade of the building it inhabits: a fine early-20th-century structure with…

  • F

    Zaqatala’s Russian fortress is a sprawling affair whose grey stone walls are sturdy but not really imposing. Built between 1830 and 1860, it originally…

  • Ə

    Əshabi-Kəhf is a series of holy caves, locally believed to be the scene of a Koranic miracle in which seven pious men managed to evade their enemies by…

  • Ş
    Şixov Beach

    The nearest beach to central Baku, Şixov is most fascinating for photographers who want to snap bathers gambolling on the ‘sand’ with a romantic backdrop…

  • N

    Before 2006, the site of Naxçivan's 7th-century citadel was just a series of muddy undulations, almost indistinguishable from the nearby graveyard. It has…

  • H
    History Museum

    The distinctive if heavily restored mansion containing this museum was built in 1913 for the grandson of Talysh khan Mir Mustafa. It features some grave…

  • M
    Medieval Market Square

    Directly in front of the Maiden's Tower are assorted archaeological diggings at what some consider to be the site where Jesus' disciple St Bartholomew was…

  • N
    National Flag Square

    In September 2010, the world's tallest flagpole (then 162m) was installed at the Bulvar's southern tip. The world record was later snatched by Dushanbe,…

  • M
    Museum Centre

    Once a Lenin Museum, this column-fronted neoclassical building has a sternly photogenic facade that looks best seen from across the Bulvar. Inside, the…

  • Ş
    Şəbəkə Workshop

    The şəbəkə (stained-glass windows) featured at Xan Sarayı are laboriously made by slotting together hundreds of hand-carved wooden pieces to create…

  • C
    Centenarians Museum

    This modest two-room museum celebrates the statistically high proportion of centenarians among Talysh mountain people. Most famous was Şirəli Müslümov …