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The East Coast

Tasmania’s east coast is sea-salted and rejuvenating – a land of quiet bays and sandy shores, punctuated by granite headlands splashed with flaming orange lichen. The sand is white-blonde and the water is gin-clear. It looks as inviting as a tropical postcard, but when you strip off and plunge in, you'll probably be quickly out again – even in summer the water temperatures here can leave you breathless.

This coast sits in a rain shadow – by the time the clouds make it out here from the west, they're virtually empty! It's no surprise, then, that this is prime holiday terrain for Tasmanians, with plenty of opportunities to hike, cycle, kayak, surf, dive and fish – set up your beachside camp and get into it. At day's end, fish and chips on the beach is a sure-fire winner. And if luxury is more your thing, you’ll find hip lodges and top-flight eateries aplenty.

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