Algerian dinar (DA)

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Top ChoiceAlgerian in Algiers

Le Caïd

This classy, intimate and laid-back restaurant is perhaps the best place in Algiers to eat gourmet versions of local classics. It's best known for its mechoui, delicious slow roasted lamb on the bone. It also...

Top ChoiceAlgerian in Algiers

Cafe-Restaurant El Salam

A handy place to eat when exploring the Casbah district, this cheap locals favourite serves traditional home cooking that can be hard to find elsewhere. Try the grilled sardines, various kebabs and, if you're...

Top ChoiceInternational in Oran

Restaurant la Comete

At this old-fashioned restaurant, ever popular and rather dusty, waiters wear pristine white suit jackets and look like they've been doing the job for decades and old men come back day after day to religiously...

Algerian in Annaba

Restaurant Le Saint

With daily specials that, depending on the day of the week, can include fish couscous or prawns served fried or grilled and with a range of different sauces, this place is a welcome break from the endless round...

Algerian in Algiers

Lalla Mina

This gorgeously renovated old building, with its star-studded roof, Andalucian-style tiled walls, Moorish arches and an interior stage that was once hosted musicians, is now an upmarket restaurant specialising in...

Cafe in Algiers

Café Tontonville

This Algiers institution is a great place for breakfast and coffee on the ever-busy terrace of the cafe. Around the back is the restaurant serving grilled meat and fish dishes as well as thin-crust pizza.

Middle Eastern in Algiers

Oriental Restaurant

A fast, fun, noisy and busy Palestinian restaurant with a calling card of succulent dripping shawarma and plates of mezze loaded with hummus, olives and falafel.

Algerian in Djemila

Restaurant Belle Vue

Right outside the entrance to the ruins, this little place is normally busy with locals glued to the football on the TV, busying themselves with endless games of cards or tucking into warming bowls of thick...

Algerian in Algiers

La Maison de Couscous

Up by the concrete Sacré Coeur Cathedral, high up rue Didouche Mourad, this local no-frills place serves what its name says: couscous, along with chorba (soup) and bourek (filled pastry). Algerians don’t often go...

Algerian in Algiers

Brasserie des Facultés

This venerable spot on Algiers' main drag offers hearty meals of the steaks and couscous kind in an atmospheric dining room with partial sea views. Good service and a reasonable selection of Algerian wine make...

Algerian in Constantine

Restaurant le Concorde

The travel-mad owner of this restaurant will fill you up with steaks, red lentil soup and the local speciality of chachoukha (think: chopped pasta with a tomato sauce and green pepper). He may shut up shop...

Algerian in Timgad

Restaurant des Excursions

Right next to the entrance gates to the ruins, the cheery owner of this cosy cafe with local textiles hanging on the walls will whip you up an after-ruins celebratory omelette or steak and chips.

Algerian in Ghardaïa

Restaurant Palmier

This is the best and most established restaurant in town. It has a very chic dining room – bright white walls with traditional arts and crafts on display – and the welcome is warm. There’s a three-course menu as...