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Little known outside of Algeria, Djemila is nevertheless one of the great historical wonders of the world. One day, in an Algeria busy with tourists, its name might be uttered with the same sense of awe as Petra in Jordan or even the Great Pyramids of Egypt. For now, though, there is a good chance you will be the only foreign tourist – perhaps the only visitor at all.

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$620 Cultural & Theme Tours

3 days Trip to Constantine &Timgad & Djemila

You'll be picked up from your hotel in Algiers and transferred to Algiers airport , you'll fly one hour to reach Constantine , once you reach there your driver will pick you up and go to your hotel to drop luggage and then begin the following trip schedule  Day 1 :  Day trip to Djemila Roman ruins  , it's about 2 hours drive from Constantine  , ( LUNCH included )  Djémila Known under its antique name Cuicul,  is an establishment of an ancient Roman colony founded during the reign of Nerva (96 - 98 A.D.). The Roman town occupied a singular defensive position. Cuicul is one of the flowers of Roman architecture in North Africa.  Remarkably adapted to the  constraints of the mountainous site, on a rocky spur which spreads at an altitude of 900 m, between the wadi Guergour and the wadi Betame, two mountain torrents, the town has its own Senate and Forum. Around the beginning of the 3rd century, it expanded beyond its ramparts with the creation of the Septimius Severus Temple, the Arch of Caracalla, the market and the civil basilica. The site has also been marked by Christianity in the form of several cult buildings: a cathedral, a church and its baptistry are considered among the biggest of the Paleochristian period. The site of Djémila comprises an impressive collection of mosaic pavings, illustrating mythological tales and scenes of daily life. Day 2 : Day trip to Timgad Roman ruins from Constantine , 2hours and half drive ( Lunch included ) 110 km to the south of Constantine, is a consummate example of a Roman military colony created ex nihilo. The Colonia Marciana Traiana Thamugadi was founded in 100 A.D. by Trajan, probably as an encampment for the 3rd Augustan Legion which, thereafter, was quartered at Lambaesis. Its plan, laid out with great precision, illustrates Roman urban planning at its height. By the middle of the 2nd century, the rapid growth of the city had ruptured the narrow confines of its original foundation. Timgad spread beyond the perimeters of its ramparts and several major public buildings are built in the new quarters: Capitolium, temples, markets and baths. Most of these buildings date from the Severan period when the city enjoyed its Golden Age, also attested by immense private residences. Day 3 : Constantine city tour ( Lunch included )  a city tour to constantine will include a visit to the bridges , emir abdelkader mosque , the dey palace , the monuments of the deads... then catch late evening flight back to Algiers , once you arrive Algiers you'll be transferred to your hotel

$1080 Multi-day & Extended Tours

Best of Algeria Roman Ruins Tour

Day 1 : visit the highlights of Algiers ; Casbah , Bastion 23, Basilica Notre dame of Africa , Martyr's monument & Hamma botanical garden Day 2 : visit Cherchell & Tipaza Roman ruins , about 1 hour drive from Algiers , fresh grilled fish for lunch  Day 3 : early departure to Timgad , lunch BQQ on the way to the Ruins , visit the Roman ruins of Timgad & overnight in Constantine Day 4 :  Constantine city tour, visit the highlights of the city : the bridges , Emir Abdelkader mosque , Dey Palace , Tiddis ... Day 5 : early departure to Djemila , visit the Roman ruins , on our way back to Algiers

$1987.97 Multi-day & Extended Tours

MultiDay Circuit of Algerian Roman Cities

Day 1: Algiers, Our Lady of Africa and large Avenues.Panoramic tour with the guide,discover the seafront boulevard,the National Theatre,then BENM'HIDI Street.Lunch, then we finish the hike by the basilica of our Lady of Africa.Dinner and overnight at the hotel Albert 1er facing the Grand Post Office.Day 2: Cherchell-Cherchell Tipasa- Algiers.Departure to Cherchell, the city is the ancient Caesarea.Martyrs' Square.Tipasa direction (famous for its Roman archaeological remains),fish lunch and walk on the ancient port.Visit the ancient city.Detour to visit the tomb of Queen Selene wife of Juba II.Dinner and overnight at the hotel Albert 1st.Day 3: Batna-Algiers-Timgad-Lambèse.Breakfast. Departure for Batna. End of the morning, check into your hotel, lunch and on to the Roman ruins of Timgad.Back to the hotel,dinner and overnight hotel Salim.Day 4: Batna- Khenchela-Tebessa.Breakfast. Departure to Tebessa via Khenchela.Arrival and stay at El Amir,lunch and tour of the city of Tebessa.The Arch of Triumph Caracalla, the Roman Theatre,the temple of Minerva...Dinner and overnight Hotel El Amir.Day 5: Tebessa - Madaure-Khemissa-Annaba.Breakfast and drive to M'Daourouche. Augustine studied there until age 15 years.Picnic lunch.Continue to Annaba. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.Day 6: A day at Hippo Regius. After breakfast, foot walk in the old town.Departure by coach for Ras El Hamra.After lunch, we go towards the site of Hippo Regius. Dinner and stay at the Hotel Majestic.Day 7: Guelma-Anouna-Constantine.After breakfast, explore the ancient city of Galama. We will go to Hammam Chellala.Lunch and discover the site of Thibilis.Road to Constantine.Dinner and overnight.Day 8: Constantine-Tiddis. Breakfast and visit of Constantine, suspension bridge city. Arrival and accommodation the Cirta hotel and go for a walk through the alleys of the old town (Casbah),the Rhummel gorges.After lunch Platanes, direction Tiddis.Dinner and overnight at the hotel Cirta.Day 9: Constantine-Setif Djemila. Archaeological park of "Djemila".Discover the Arc de Triomphe, the Grandes Spa, the Christian Basilica and the museum. Picnic lunch and on to Setif. Free time for some shopping.Dinner and stay at the hotel Rabie.Day 10: Setif-Algiers.We reach Algiers by the highway.Arrive at lunchtime to the fishery,Free time for shopping in the city centre.Day 11: Alger - La Casbah.Visit to the Citadel.Two hour tour.Climb Inside the fortress, the guide will show you the palace of the Bey. We will taste a tea on the terrace of a traditional house of the Kasbah. Lunch.Go to St Raphael balcony and visit of the Kasbah. Dinner and at Albert 1st hotel.Day 12: The trial of Hamma Garden.Morning free for shopping, lunch at the Garden of Trials, to then visit the Hamma Algiers,then to the sanctuary " Riadh El Feth ".Transfer to airport for flight.

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