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On the eastern side of Plaza de Mayo stands the stately Casa Rosada. It’s from the balconies here that Eva Perón famously preached to throngs of impassioned Argentines.

The building’s color could have come from President Sarmiento’s attempt at making peace during his 1868–74 term (by blending the red of the Federalists with the white of the Unitarists). Another theory, however, is that the color comes from painting the palace with bovine blood, a common practice in the late 19th century.

The Casa Rosada now occupies a site where colonial riverbank fortifications once stood; today, however, after repeated landfills, the palace stands more than 1km inland. The side of the palace that faces Plaza de Mayo is actually the back of the building. The offices of the current Argentine president are here, but the presidential residence is in the calm suburbs of Olivos, north of the center.

Underneath the Casa Rosada, excavations have unearthed remains of the Fuerte Viejo, a ruin dating from the 18th century. These are accessible via entry to the Museo del Bicentenario .

Off-limits during the military dictatorship of 1976–83, the Casa Rosada is now reasonably accessible to the public. Free half-hour tours are offered.