Shopping in Zambia, Malawi & Mozambique

  • Top ChoiceShopping in Lilongwe

    Four Seasons Centre

    An oasis of fine dining and upmarket shopping, featuring clothing and design boutiques, a bar, a restaurant and a cafe, Four Seasons is a restful one-stop shop. There's also a play park with a bouncy castle to keep nippers amused.

  • Shopping in Pemba

    Artes Maconde

    Even if you don’t think you want to buy crafts, it’s worth stopping in at the excellent Artes Maconde at Avani Pemba Beach Hotel. It sells a wide range of quality carvings, crafts and textiles sourced from throughout Mozambique as well as elsewhere in the region. As far as quality of the artistry and uniqueness of the art are concerned, it’s one of the best craft shops in the country, and craftspeople come from outlying villages throughout Cabo Delgado province and as far away as the Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaïre) to deliver their wares. It does international air and sea shipping and also takes orders.

  • Shopping in Zambia

    Tribal Textiles

    This enterprise employs a team of local artists to produce, among other things, bags, wall hangings, bed linens and sarongs, much of which are sold abroad. Tribal Textiles has some striking original designs and it’s quite a refined place to shop or take a short (free) tour around the factory. Its art safaris are a good choice for those here travelling with kids. It's located about 20km from Mfuwe (along the road from the village to the airport); a return taxi will cost around ZMW200.

  • Shopping in Malawi

    Central Africana Bookshop

    This long-running bookshop on two levels has an excellent selection of Africana, ranging from dusty old tomes to coffee-table books, and from novels and guidebooks to a section dedicated to Livingstone. There's a good selection of maps (including Map Studio and Macmillan) and postcards, as well as art, photos and old prints.

  • Shopping in Malawi

    Mandala House

    Situated in Mandala House, the oldest colonial dame in the city, this eclectic gallery features vividly coloured, contemporary work by local artists, as well as sculpture, old maps and prints, and huge, carved wooden thrones. At the rear is a small display on Gule Wamkulu masks.

  • Shopping in Livingstone


    A social enterprise founded by two Norwegian girls, Wayawaya sells quality, contemporary handmade bags put together by local women. Its principles are based on the slow fashion movement, and you can meet all the ladies when visiting. Get in touch if you want to volunteer.

  • Shopping in Northern Malawi


    In this thatched workshop, single mothers and orphans handcraft a range of items using locally sourced materials, reflecting Likoma's colours and culture in their cushion covers, throws, table runners, art and accessories. Beads, shells and bones are incorporated, and they can tailor-make clothes using chitenje fabric. The workshop is easy to find in Mbungu village near JP Primary School.

  • Shopping in Pemba

    Mercado Mbanguia

    Pemba's most interesting market is in the Natite neighbourhood near where Avenida Marginal meets Avenida Eduardo Mondlane. It's a large, sprawling affair that seems to sell everything bar, possibly, the kitchen sink. Look out for dried fish, live chickens, clothes, spices and – best of all – traditional Makonde woodcarvings, including the striking mapiko masks.

  • Shopping in Lusaka

    Salaula Clothing Market

    For those with a love of secondhand clothes shopping, absolutely don't miss this market in downtown Lusaka. Known locally as the salaula trade (a local word meaning 'to pick through a pile'), it has block after block of stalls selling Western charity clothing all divided into heaped piles of specific items. From designer labels to vintage clothing, it's all here.

  • Shopping in Zambia

    Mulberry Mongoose

    Mulberry Mongoose sells vibrant, funky jewellery made by local designers, but is best known for items made from snare wire recovered during anti-poaching patrols in the park. Of all pieces sold, US$5 goes to anti-poaching efforts. They also make some cool jewellery using old coins and guinea fowl feathers. You can watch the ladies go about it at the attached workshop.

  • Shopping in Lusaka

    Lightfoot Zambia

    For high-quality leather goods, especially purses, travel bags and accessories, head to this spot, which shares an idyllic location with a highly recommended cafe on Sugarbush Farm east of Kabulonga, around 15km from the city centre. They have a smaller branch at Latitude 15 restaurant.

  • Shopping in Lusaka

    Kabwata Cultural Village

    A popular shopping stop for tourists, this open-air market comprises thatch-roofed huts and stalls selling carvings, baskets, masks, drums, fabrics and more. Prices are cheap because you can buy directly from the workers who live here. There's usually cultural performances (ZMW30) held on weekends around 2pm. It's southeast of the city centre.

  • Shopping in Lusaka

    Sunday Market

    This weekly market, held in the car park at the Arcades Shopping Centre, features Lusaka’s best range of handicrafts, especially wood carvings, curios made from malachite and African prints. Bargaining is expected, though it's a relaxed, low-pressure affair.

  • Shopping in Zambia

    Mumwa Craft Association

    A visit here is well worth your time. Proceeds from sales of expertly made basketry and woodcarvings – at low prices – are ploughed back into the local communities that produce them. Located next to the Total petrol station on the road to Lusaka.

  • Shopping in Southern Malawi

    African Heritage

    Buy your souvenirs – including woodcarvings, mobiles, jewellery, baskets, soft toys, books, CDs, local coffee and even beaded crocodiles – in a hassle-free environment. Part of African Heritage's turnover goes to heritage-preservation projects.

  • Shopping in Lilongwe

    Craft Market

    At these stalls outside the Old Town post office, vendors sell everything from trinket woodcarvings, basketware and jewellery to traditional Malawian chairs. If you go late in the day you're likely to get a better deal.

  • Shopping in Southern Mozambique

    Machilla Magic

    This place sells an appealing selection of reasonably priced handicrafts, 95% of which are made from reclaimed or recycled materials. It's on the beach road, about 2.5km north of Hotel Dona Ana.

  • Shopping in Northern Mozambique

    Makonde Collective

    The place to buy Makonde crafts – primarily the legendary woodcarvings – plus you can see the craftspeople at work. It's located in an open compound behind the ethnology museum.

  • Shopping in Lilongwe


    Selling a range of recycled mahogany and glass artworks, stylish natural-coloured linen chemises, bespoke jewellery, hand-woven throws, bags, pashminas and collectables, Ishq is pure style.

  • Shopping in Lilongwe

    Lilongwe City Mall

    The best mall around for shops, supermarkets, fast-food joints, banks and other services, with a central location in Old Town. It also has branches of the mobile networks Airtel and TNM.