Roald Dahl Plass

Square in Cardiff

The unusual shape of this large public space is due to its past life as the basin of the West Bute Dock. A large rectangular dock once extended from here all the way up what is now Lloyd George Ave, right to the foot of the city centre, berthing up to 300 ships at a time. Reborn as a square, it was renamed in honour of the Cardiff-born writer.

The whole thing is overseen by a soaring, stainless-steel water sculpture, which fans of the Doctor Who spin-off series will recognise as the location of the secret entrance to Torchwood's underground headquarters. Testimony to the enduring popularity of the show is an impromptu shrine just around the corner, on the waters' edge at Mermaid Quay, where fans leave messages to one of the show's fictional characters, Ianto Jones. Mermaid Quay's management have got into the spirit of things by adding their own plaque.