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The most popular beach is Playa Grande, a five- to 10-minute walk by road east of town. It’s a real stunner, half a kilometer long and shaded by coconut palms, but you'll need to walk a long way down to find a quiet spot and even that can be impossible on weekends. The water is often rough however, so don't swim if nobody else is. There are several simple food shacks at the entrance to the beach, and while you can theoretically camp on the beach or sling your hammock between the palms, we don't recommend it for safety reasons.

Far more enjoyable (as much as for the journey as for the peace and quiet you'll find on arrival) can be taking a boat up the coast (there is no road) to visit the other beaches in the area. These include Playa Aroa (US$1, 15 minutes), Playa Uricao (US$1.20, 20 minutes), Playa Aroa (US$1, 15 minutes), Playa Valle Seco (US$1.25, 20 minutes – for good snorkeling), Playa Chuao (US$1.50, 30 minutes) and Playa Cepe (US$2, 45 minutes). Prices are per person return. All beaches are far less crowded that Playa Grande, and most have some basic facilities such as restaurants and bars. Chuao is perhaps the most interesting. As well as enjoying the gorgeous 1km-long beach, you can take a trip to the village (take the shuttle bus from the harbor) where you can buy the famous local chocolate.

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