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Playa Colorada draws weekend hordes of young Venezuelan partygoers and sunseekers, but it’s very quiet during the week. An adventure-sports boot camp, Spanish language school and an excellent place to meet up with other energetic travelers, Jakera Lodge offers dorm accommodations with communal meals and scores of scuba, canyoning and kayak outings. Its full-day boat tours to do bouldering at Isla de Mono are very popular. Look for its corrugated-steel gate on the highway.

Santa Fe is a beachside town that was once a common stop for backpackers. These days it's sadly rather unsafe, though it still has a great beach and is a good base for visiting the pristine beaches on the islands of Parque Nacional Mochima by boat. Le Petit Jardin, just a block from the beach, is the best place to stay.

At the eastern end of the national park, the wonderfully located town of Mochima is found at the end of a winding road that has fantastic sea and mountain views. It's rather scruffy and run down these days and has a dearth of good accommodations, though it's a good place from which to explore the islands. Launches leave from the dock throughout the day, taking small groups to various islands and collecting them later on, or doing tours of several different islands and returning to Mochima. Mochima is home to Restaurant Puerto Viejo, a pleasant spot for a fish lunch served right by the water.

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