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Kamarata Kamarata is the chief settlement on the eastern side of Auyantepui, an old Pemón village on the Río Akanán and a growing access point for Salto Ángel. There are a few simple places to stay and eat in town. Most travelers stay at the nearby tourist camp at Kavac, a two-hour walk from here, or a short drive on a dirt road by the town's service jeep.

Kavac Consisting of 20-odd churuatas (traditional circular palm-thatched huts) built in the traditional style, Kavac resembles a manicured Pemón settlement. It sits at the bottom of Auyantepui with some fabulous views toward the summit. The area's major attraction is the spectacular Cueva de Kavac, not a cave but a deep gorge with a waterfall plunging into it. There's a natural pool at the foot of the waterfall, which you reach by swimming upstream in the narrow canyon.

Uruyén This newer community-owned campamento is at the foot of gorgeous Auyantepui, by a small river with a great swimming hole. Uruyén's stellar attraction is the easy hike to the Cueva de Yurwan, a breathtaking river gorge that culminates in a spectacular waterfall an hour's walk from the camp.

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