Welcome to Cueva del Guácharo

All visits to the cave are by guided group tour; full tours take about 1½ hours. The tour visits 1200m of the cave, but high water in August and/or September occasionally limits sightseeing to 500m. Across the road, it’s a 20-minute hike to Salto La Paila, where you can swim in a chilly pool at the foot of a ribbon cascade.

The nearby town of Caripe is a real charmer, with a gorgeous mountain setting and friendly locals who seem happy to see visitors. The best place to stay for access to the cave is the Hotel Samán and there's also a good restaurant next door.

Getting to Caripe isn't particularly easy by bus, though there are regular connections from Maturín (US$0.50, 2½ hours) and Cumaná (US$0.50, 2½ hours), both of which can drop you at the cave entrance on their way into town. In Caripe, taxis charge US$0.50 to the cave.

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