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Southern Oregon Coast

The flip side of its northern coastal counterpart, Oregon's southern coast is further from the major inland metropolises and consequently gets less attention, less traffic and more solitude. Much of the coastline here is nearly pristine, with a wild and dramatic feel. Beautiful clean rivers gush from inland mountainsides down to the sea, offering exceptional salmon and steelhead fishing along with boating recreation. Life is laid-back and subdued; if you find a sandy beach at the end of a hiking trail, chances are you'll have it to yourself.

The southern coast is slowly attracting a finer class of tourism, with world-class golf courses and amazing gourmet restaurants – if that's what you're looking for. Harboring a milder climate (and less precipitation) than the north has its advantages as well, and the scenic drives – especially from Port Orford to Brookings – boast some of the most memorable coastal views you'll ever set eyes on.

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