Welcome to Keʻanae

Starting way up at the Koʻolau Gap in the rim of Haleakalā Crater and stretching clear down to the coast, Keʻanae Valley radiates green, thanks to the 150in of rainfall each year. At the foot of the valley lies Keʻanae Peninsula, created by a late eruption of Haleakalā that sent lava gushing all the way down Keʻanae Valley and into the ocean. Unlike its rugged surroundings, the volcanic peninsula is perfectly flat, like a leaf floating on the water.

Sights come up in quick succession. After you pass the YMCA Camp 0.5 miles past the 16-mile marker, the arboretum pops up on the right and the road to Keʻanae Peninsula heads off to the left around the next bend.

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