Must-see attractions in Eastern Uganda

  • Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary, on Ngamba Island, Lake Victoria, Uganda.

    Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary

    Eastern Uganda

    Located 23km southeast of Entebbe in Lake Victoria, Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary, or 'Chimp Island', is home to over 40 orphaned or rescued…

  • Mt Elgon National Park

    Eastern Uganda

    Spread out over the slopes of a massive extinct volcano, Mt Elgon National Park is a good place to spot various primates and lots of birds, including the…

  • Source of the Nile River


    The birthplace of the mighty Nile river (or one of them anyway…), here the water spills out of Lake Victoria on its journey to the Mediterranean flowing…

  • Nabugoye Synagogue

    Eastern Uganda

    An unexpected find in this neck of the woods, the synagogue is a simple, yet appealing, rustic red-brick building (with plans to revamp). The Jewish…

  • Source of the Nile Gardens


    On the western bank of the river you'll find the pleasant Source of the Nile Gardens and Speke Monument – a pillar commemorating where the British…

  • Nyero Rock Paintings

    Eastern Uganda

    Uganda's oldest rock-art site, with six panels painted on the granite outcrop of Moru Ikara. Figures include concentric circles, zebra, canoes and people…

  • Mpanga Forest Reserve

    Eastern Uganda

    About 35km out of Kampala, the 453-hectare Mpanga Forest Reserve is a decent option if you want to escape the chaos of Kampala for a day or two. It's best…

  • Makanaga Wetlands

    Eastern Uganda

    Makanaga Wetlands (part of the larger Mabamba Wetland System) is a good place to spot shoebills. It's roughly a 60km drive from Entebbe, accessed via…

  • Central Market


    This commercial market is across from the bus stand with vendors selling fruit and vegetables, among other produce, and clothing.

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