Best restaurants in Cap Bon

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    Resto L'Ommima

    This delightful diner, where gingham red-and-white tablecloths clash with traditional North African tiles, is worth seeking out even (and especially) if you have full-board lodgings. Even if you think you've sampled local grub, L'Ommima's home-made meals are miles above standard Tunisian offerings. The menu, written on a streetside chalkboard, changes daily, with options that've included fish-soup starters and stuffed sheep's stomach with couscous.

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    Resto La Plage

    As evident from the name, you can't get closer to the sea than this. With an enviable spot on one of Hammamet's best beaches, this smart but casual place has a shaded terrace reaching out onto the sand and a dug-in stone bar. The menu keeps it simple with brik (savoury pastry, usually with a runny egg and tuna), pasta and pizza.

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    Le Barberousse

    Perched high on the medina walls, Le Barberousse is one of Hammamet’s more upmarket eating choices. The menu traverses the Mediterranean, though unsurprisingly given its proximity to the ocean, fresh seafood is what most diners are here for. The wine and spirit list is several pages long.

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    L’Angolo Verde

    This colourful spot is always buzzing and offers classic kid favourites, making it a good pit stop if you have little ones in tow. There's tree-shaded seating on the pavement outside or tables with floral-patterned chairs inside. The menu ambitiously offers Chinese dishes and hamburgers, but skip those for the pizzas and pasta. No alcohol.

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    Chez Achour

    This attractive garden restaurant, known for its seafood, makes for a lovely night out, with seating under fig trees decorated with white lanterns in a shaded courtyard. Pasta, steak and escalope round out the menu. Wine is available.

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    A popular cafe with a large, watch-the-world-go-by terrace, Canari is good for milkshakes, ice cream and fresh juices, and there are also sandwiches and crêpes. In the back is its much-loved pâtisserie (bakery) selling excellent Tunisian sweets and French pastries.

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    One of several ice-cream shops lining the street south of L’Angolo Verde, Mongelli has a large range of flavours but is most notable for its gluten-free options.

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    Restaurant da Franco

    The wide-ranging Italian menu here offers everything from handmade pasta dishes to carpaccio and calamari fritti, which you can enjoy in the much-loved bougainvillea-covered garden.