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Half Day Ancient Lanna History

Chiang Mai’s history dates back to the 13th century, covering most of the northern part of Thailand with the city being the economical, historical and religious center since it was founded in 1296 by King Mengrai. Known at that time as the Lanna Kingdom (Kingdom of a Million Rice Fields), the kingdom was surrounded by high mountain ranges, lush teak forests and fertile grounds, perfect for agricultural purposes. Throughout history, the Lanna Kingdom has been a prominent trading post for southern China and has developed its own culture ever since it was dissolved by the end of the 19th century and became part of the Kingdom of Siam, nowadays known as Thailand.An excursion that captures the essence of what the Lanna Kingdom stood for and takes customers away from the tourism paths to get a sense of ancient Lanna culture and hospitality. We start the morning by heading in southern direction to the Hang Dong district. En route we make a stop at the local Wat Ton Kwen (or Wat Inthrawat as it is also known for) temple. This testimony to the Lanna culture has a special place in the historical books and as of today, the open pavilion and viharn remain under supervision of the Thai Fine Arts Department to closely monitor carried-out renovation work. The aim is to keep the original structures in tact as much as possible as one of the few wooden temples remaining in the province.We end our day in the Hang Dong district, where you will be warmly welcomed by the Ruankaew-Yanon family. They have been residents of this district for many generations and gladly welcome guests into their home. During your time – which includes a short lesson in cooking traditional northern cuisine – guests will immerse themselves into the lives of the family and for a short time, become a part of it. Cooking with northern Thai ingredients and flavors is different from the more well-known Thai dishes but the family is there to support your efforts in putting a home-cooked lunch on the table.After saying goodbye to the family and thanking them for their hospitality, we head back to Chiang Mai and your booked accommodation.