Must see hotels in Kenting National Park

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    Top Choice

    Casa Aperta

    This casa is remotely located, but in exchange for convenience, you get (seven) gorgeous rooms that call to mind villas in the Aegean, a pool overlooking…

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    Casa Ostia

    Four beautiful, quiet rooms right by the ocean on the west coast of Kenting – laid-back with a refined but lived-in vibe, with balconies, floor-to-ceiling…

  • R

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    Rainbow Wave

    This hostel, opened by a photographer and a surfing instructor, has doubles, triples and large dormitory rooms, and an awesome vibe. The spacious communal…

  • F

    Fun Space

    Nine doubles are pristine and light-flooded, including six with balconies overlooking the beach. Rates include breakfast, and are NT$400 to NT$800 more on…

  • L

    Light Inn

    Featuring concrete walls and designer furniture, these are possibly Kenting's most stylish rooms. They're comfortable but you'd expect more service for…

  • W

    Winson House

    Run by local surfer Winson, this guesthouse provides reasonably comfortable rooms and beds. Surfing lessons are available, as are surf tours and equipment…

  • B

    Bai Shuei Mu Inn

    Eight bright, clean and modern rooms in a low-rise just across from Sail Rock. The living spaces are design-oriented (in a furniture showroom sort of way)…

  • C

    Château Beach Resort

    There's a light, breezy, whimsical and secluded feel to the pastel-coloured Château, a resort that sits right on the beach. Room interiors could have come…

  • T

    Tz Shin Resort Hotel

    Dawan St has a row of three-storey B&Bs all facing onto the car park and the beach. To reach this street, turn right just past McDonald's as you enter…

  • H

    Hainan Island Resort B&B

    This three-storey B&B offers balconied rooms with medium levels of comfort and design, and top-notch sea views. It’s to your left just 50m past the 7…