Must see shopping in Graubünden

  • H

    Heidi Shop

    The Heidi Shop and Information Centre in Maienfeld is the place to head to if you're into Heidi and want to purchase Heidi paraphernalia, such as T-shirts…

  • M

    Metzgerei Mark

    You'll find Bündnerfleisch (air-dried beef or game), Rohschinken (cured ham) and all sorts of Salsiz (sausage) to salivate over at this butcher's place in…

  • R

    Rätische Gerberei

    Upstairs at this shop between the train station and the Old Town are mountains of fluffy sheepskins, while downstairs are genuine cowbells for a fraction…

  • K

    Keramik Ruth

    Check out the bright pottery at this hobbit-sized shop – from hand-thrown pots to polka-dotty teapots.